Math 126 Exam II Archive

All files are in .pdf format; you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or a similar viewer (such as xpdf for all you Unix/Linux fans) to open these files.

Warning: The material that appears on each midterm may vary a bit from quarter to quarter. Some problems on these exams may pertain to material that will not appear on your upcoming exam.

Ostroff, Winter 2022 Answers
Su, Autumn 2021 Answers
Ostroff, Autumn 2021 Answers
Athreya, Spring 2019 Answers
Ostroff, Spring 2019 Answers
Athreya, Winter 2019 Answers
Ostroff, Winter 2019 Answers
Taggart, Winter 2019 Answers
Taggart, Autumn 2018 Answers
Bekyel, Spring 2018 Answers
Loveless, Spring 2018 Answers
Ostroff, Spring 2018 Answers
Ostroff, Winter 2018 Answers
Taggart, Winter 2018 Answers
Athreya, Autumn 2017
Ostroff, Autumn 2017 Answers
Taggart, Autumn 2017 Answers
Loveless, Spring 2017 Answers
Taggart, Spring 2017 Answers
Bekyel, Autumn 2016 Answers
Taggart, Autumn 2016 Answers
Pal, Spring 2016
Loveless, Winter 2016 Answers
Taggart, Autumn 2015 Answers
Novik, Spring 2015 Answers
Ostroff, Spring 2015 Answers
Rothvoss, Winter 2015 Answers
Nichifor, Autumn 2014 Answers
Perkins, Autumn 2014 Answers
Taggart, Autumn 2014 Answers
Loveless, Spring 2014 Answers
Novik, Spring 2014 Answers
Perkins, Spring 2014
(Honors Section)
Rothvoss, Spring 2014 Answers
Taggart, Spring 2014 Answers
Bekyel, Winter 2014 Answers
Loveless, Autumn 2013 Answers
Taggart, Autumn 2013 Answers
Lieblich, Spring 2013
Loveless, Spring 2013 Answers
Perkins, Spring 2013 Answers
Bekyel, Autumn 2012 Answers
Loveless, Autumn 2012 Answers
Bekyel, Spring 2012 Answers
Conroy, Spring 2012 Answers
Taggart, Spring 2012 Answers
Pal, Autumn 2011
(includes answers)
Taggart, Autumn 2011 Answers
Taggart, Spring 2011 Answers
Loveless, Spring 2011 Answers
Loveless, Spring 2011
(Honors Section)
Conroy, Spring 2011 Answers
Bekyel, Winter 2011 Answers
Conroy, Autumn 2010 Answers
Duchamp, Autumn 2010
Solomyak, Autumn 2010 Answers
Conroy, Spring 2010
(Honors Section)
Loveless, Spring 2010 Answers
Bekyel, Winter 2010 Answers
Solomyak, Autumn 2009 Answers
Taggart, Autumn 2009 Answers
Conroy, Spring 2009
(Honors Section)
Milakis, Winter 2009
Perkins, Winter 2009 Answers