Mathday, 2019

Mathday will be held on Monday, March 25, 2019. The plenary speaker will be Kristin DeVleming, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, University of California, San Diego. She will speak on Adventures in Topology. Do you know what a surface is? Did you know that the mug you drink out of and the donut you snack on are the "same" surface? We'll try to answer these questions while exploring a field of mathematics known as topology. We'll explore common objects, studying edges, loops, and holes, and along the way will encounter some wild surfaces you have never seen before. We'll cut, untangle, and gets hands-on in this topological adventure.

There will be talks, seminars, labs, and more activities from 10 am until noon and from 1:20 pm until 2:00 pm. Registration forms, which will include the schdedule of fees, are now available. For additional information, contact: Mary Jane Shirikawa | UW Conference Management & Academic Programs | Educational Outreach | 206-221-3936 |

Donation in Honor of Ernie Esser

If you would like to make a donation to Mathday in memory of Ernie Esser, who died suddenly on his way back from Europe to give his annual Mathday talk "Why do Boomerangs Come Back", the link is gift link
Photos of Ernie Esser
Poster in memory of Ernie Esser.


The following items are on the current schedule; more may be added.

Field Trips and Labs

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Volunteer Meeting Agenda; with important information.
General Instructions

Safety & Security on Campus: The University takes safety and security of volunteers and attendees very seriously. Prior to the event, all volunteers must review the information available on Safety and Security:
Brief interactions with minors.

Here's a link to the UW Professional and Continuing Education: Mathday website. It includes registration information.

Attendance Grant

Wells Fargo and Boeing have generously made a donation to support Mathday attendance by schools with underrepresented populations. The deadline for submitting requests is Friday, January 12, but we will consider late applications.


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