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Old Exams

Keys to Success on Math 111/2 Exams

Old Exams and Solutions

Exam dates:

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Exam Rules and Advice
Midterms are in your normal quiz sections
Midterm 1: Thurs, Jan. 31
Midterm 2: Tues, March 5

Final Exam: Saturday, March 16
\ A - Kane 210
\ B - Kane 220
Time: 5:00-7:50pm


(Tentative Schedule) Note: The solution link will be active the day after the activity is completed.

Activity 1 (Jan. 8) - Solutions

Activity 2 (Jan. 10) - Solutions

Activity 3 (Jan. 17) - Solutions

Activity 4 (Jan. 24) - Solutions

Activity 5 (Feb. 5) - Solutions

Activity 6 (Feb. 12) - Solutions

Activity 7 (Feb. 14) - Solutions

Activity 8 (Mar. 5) - Solutions

Activity 9 (Mar. 7) - Solutions

All Activites in One File


Shuntao Chen(AA/BA)

Molly Baird (AC/AD)

Zijian Li (AB)

Ruqian Chen (BC/BD)


Most course materials can be found at the right of the page. If you have a question, please contact me or your TA, directly or by e-mail.


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Review Material:

Math 111 Refresher
Review of Functional Notation
Review of basic exponent rules
Overview of 9.3 with examples
Overview of 9.4 with examples
9.4 Practice problems and solutions
Overview of 9.5 & 9.6 with examples
Overview of MR/MC with examples
Review of 9.7 & 9.8
Review of 9.9
Derivative Graph Summary Sheet
Derivatives practice - Answers
Exam 1 Review

Review of Solving Skills
Review of 10.1-10.3
Review of Global Max/Min (10.3)
Review of 11.1 & 11.2
Review of 12.1 and 12.3
Review of 12.4
Review of 13.2
Derivative Integral Flowchart
Derivative/Integral practice - Answers
Applications practice - Answers
Review of 13.3
Ch 13 Formula Summary
Exam 2 Review

Ch 14 Review
Final Exam Review

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