Math 427 Complex Analysis

Winter 2023

The information on this web site is subject to change during the quarter. Changes will be announced in class.


Schedule of Homeworks and exams

As part of your homework, before each class meeting, read the next section in the text and bring any questions you might have to the discussion in class.

Written homework is to be handed in approximately once a week as described below. I suggest that you try the appropriate homework problems after reading the related material so that you can ask any questions you might have before you are required to turn in the homework.

Because the rate at which we cover this material is partly dependent upon discussions in class, I reserve the right to change the homework material and dates as well as the dates of the midterm exams as the quarter progresses.

DateItemMaterial(Sections) Selected student solutions
Weds 1/11 HW1 pdf prerequisites+1.1+1.2 HW1soln
Weds 1/18 HW2 pdf 1.3+1.4 +FTA HW2soln
Mon 1/23 HW3 pdf 2.1+2.2 HW3soln
Weds 1/25 MIDTERM 1 solutions
Weds 2/1 HW4 pdf 2.3+2.4 HW4soln
Weds 2/8 HW5 pdf 2.5+2.6+2.7 HW5soln, prob2-5-14
Mon 2/13 HW6 pdf 3.1+3.2 HW6soln, probsABC
Weds 2/15 MIDTERM 2 solutions
Mon 2/27 HW7 pdf3.3+3.4 HW7soln
Weds 3/8 HW8 pdf3.5+Reading:
Runge1, Runge2, 427pics Newton
HW8solna, HW8b, HW8c
See note under announcements above regarding these latter solutions.

FINAL EXAM Tues 3/14 8:30-10:20 in SIG 227 (our usual classroom)