Homework is due at the beginning of class.

Please make sure to staple your homework.

No late homework accepted.


Homework 1 due Wed 4/5

Homework 1 solutions

Homework 2 due Wed 4/12.

Homework 2 solutions

Homework 3 due Wed 4/19. You do not need to turn in problems 3,4,5 but do them as midterm review. NOTE: there was a typo that I now corrected in hw 1, the second limit should be lim b_n

Homework 3 solutions

No homework due on 4/26.

Homework 4 due Wed 5/3

Homework 4 solutions

Homework 5 due Wed 5/10

Homework 5 solutions

No hw due on 5/17. here are some extra problems on series with Solutions

Homework 6 due Friday 5/19. You do not need to turn in problems 3, 8 but do them as extra practice for the final

Homework 6 solutions

Homework 7 due Friday 5/26. You do not need to turn in problems 1, 3, 4 . If you are going out of town and need to email me your homework, you need to email me a single .pdf file (not multiple pages), and I need to receive it before 11:30 in order to print it and leave it to the grader after class

Homework 7 solutions

Homework 8 NOT DUE .

Homework 8 solutions