Graduate Algebra 504, Autumn 2018

Instructor: Julia Pevtsova

Place: Padelford Hall, C36

Time: 9:30-10:20, MWF

Office Hours: by appointment (that is, I am happy to talk between classes, just need an advance notice);

Teaching Assistant: Varodom (Smart) Thep

Office: ART 336/333

Office hours: Tuesday 10-11:30 am

Course Description.  This is the first quarter of the first-year algebra sequence.   Here is the Syllabus including recommended texts.

Grading system.  Grades will be determined based on homework assignments, a midterm and a final as follows:

·         Homework 40%

·         Midterm 20%

·         Final 40%

Midterm Wednesday, November 7, in class, 9:00-10:20am

Final exam is Wednesday, December 12th, 8:30-10:20am

Homework. Assignments will be posted on this website on a weekly basis. You are encouraged to tex your homework especially if you did not take a calligraphy course in the past. The homework will be due in class on Wednesday morning. No late homework is accepted.


Worksheets. This is a special homework assignment. It counts towards the total homework grade.  The format is different from the regular homework. The worksheet is designed as an independent study (or review) of a particular topic.  You’ll get a short written introduction the topic with all the proofs missing. You’ll need to ``fill in the blanks”, that is, supply the proofs. Once the worksheet is graded and returned to you, it should be added to your notes. You may attach your proofs to the original worksheet, or download the tex file and add the proofs right where they belong so that you get a nice and continuous exposition. The material from the worksheets will be used later in the course and relied on in exams in the same way as the material presented in lecture. 



o   Algebra, Lang

o   Algebra, Hungerford

o   Abstract Algebra, Dummit and Foote

o   An Introduction to the Theory of Groups, Rotman

o   Linear Algebra Done Right, 2nd edition, S. Axler (recommended by one of my former students)

Notes. Max Götzler has graciously agreed to share the notes he is typing up for the course. They can be found here.

Homework 1, due Wednesday, October 3. .pdf, .tex
MyDefns file – you’ll need this if you want to use my tex files

Homework 2, due Wednesday, October 10, .tex

            Solutions to HW2, written by Smart

Homework 3, due Wednesday, October 17, .tex

            Solutions/hints to HW3

Homework 4, due Wednesday, October 24, .tex

            Solutions/hints to HW4

Worksheet on Symmetric groups (Homework 5), due on November 2, tex

List of topics for the midterm


Homework 5, post-midterm (optional)

Homework 6, due Wednesday, November 21; tex

            Solution to problem 5 on HW6

Worksheet on Symmetric polynomials (Homework 7), due on November 28, Tex

Homework 8, due Wednesday, December 5. tex




1.      On Friday, October 26, the lecture will be in the format of an independent study session – please come and discuss the results on the structure of the symmetric group from the worksheet.

2.      On Wednesday, November 7th, the midterm will start at 9am so that you’ll 80 minutes to complete it.  

3.      On Wednesday, December 5th, we’ll have general homework discussion at 5 pm in the Lounge

4.      On Monday, December 10th, Julia will hold office hours at 10:30am.