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Midterm Exam Details:

Read syllabus for exam rules.
Exam 1: Thur, October 15
Exam 2: Thur, October 29
Exam 3: Thur, November 12
Exam 4: Tue, December 1
Exam 5: Sat., December 12

Exams 1-4 will be open for a window of time around quiz section time. You will be asked to join your quiz section Zoom, then open the exam. Exam 5 will be from 5:00-6:00pm on Saturday, December 12 (it will only cover Taylor Polynomials and Series).


WS 1: Thur, Oct. 6th


Carlos Rivera (AA,AB)
Kelvin Lam (AC,AD)
Albert Artiles (CA,CB)
Helena Liu (CC,CD)
Matthew Farkas (DA,DB)
Ravil Mussabayev (DC,DD)



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Math Dept 126 website

Overview of 12.1-12.4
12.1 Summary
12.2 Summary
12.3 Summary
12.4 Summary
Physics and Vectors
12.5 Summary
12.5 Visuals and Derivations
12.5 Flowcharts
12.5 Extra Practice
12.6 Summary Notes
Exam 1 - Ch. 12 Fact Sheet
Exam 1 Overview, Review, and Study Tips

13.1 Summary
13.2 Summary
13.3 Summary
13.3 Practice
13.4 Summary
Ch. 12 & 13 Fact Sheet

13.3, 13.4, and 14.1 Review
14.3 Review
Partial Derivatives Practice
Calc 1 and 3 max/min facts
14.4 and 14.7 Full Examples
Ch. 14 Full Review

list of integrals we know in one step
15.1 Review
15.2 Region Practice - Solns
More 15-2 Practice - Solns
Trig Fact Sheet
10.3 Review
15.2 and 15.3 Review
Exam 4 Facts - Ch. 15 Review

TN 1-3 Review
TN 4-5 Review
Taylor Series Fact Sheet
Taylor Notes Review Sheet

Supplemental Review Materials:

Trig Fact Sheet
Calculus Fact Sheet (Deriv/Int. Tables)
Calculus I Review
Calculus II Review (Part 1)
Calculus II Review (Part 2)
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Dr. Loveless 125 Archive

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