Math 124-Summer 2020

Important Information

  • Please Note: The midterms and final exams will be administered online this quarter. Exams are open notes and you can use a scientific calculator. You may not use the following resources during exams: getting help from anyone during your exam, using any online tools, websites, or search engines, using any calculators that can do calculus, using any materials other than your notes and your textbook.
    Please review UW's policy on Academic Misconduct.
  • A note to the student.
  • What you must purchase:
    • A "WebAssign access code". You can purchase a standalone access code which includes the ebook directly from the publisher, or at the Bookstore.
    • You will need a scientific calculator, or scientific calculator app -- Graphing calculators and other calculators that can do calculus are not allowed.`
  • Recommended Textbook -- The textbook for the course is "Calculus, 8th Edition, Early Transcendentals" by Stewart. An electronic version is included with your purchase of a WebAssign access code, so a paper copy is not required. We do recommend that you read the textbook, and a paper copy will make that easier. An older edition of the paper textbook will serve just as well, and will cost significantly less. Some used custom versions of this textbook (volume 1 covers math124 and math125) may be available at the UW bookstore.
  • All homework is accessed and turned in online using WebAssign. You will automatically be registered in the correct WebAssign section on the first day of classes. You won't be able to access the homework until then. You must enter your accesss code within two weeks of that day.
    Read these instructions to learn How to login to WebAssign and purchase an access code
  • What if the Calculus class I wish to add is closed?
  • Worksheets -- You are responsible for bringing a printout of the correct worksheet to quiz section every Tuesday. Don't do the worksheet at home, you will complete the worksheet in class. Pdf's of each individual worksheet can be found in the Outline table below. Alternatively, click here for a pdf file with all of the worksheets for the quarter together in one file.
Week Outline/Study Guide Exam Archive Topics and Textbook Sections
  • Sec. 10.1 or supplement reading on parametric equations
  • Sec. 2.1-Tangents and velocity
  • Sec. 2.2-Limits
  • Sec. 2.3-Calculating Limits
  • Sec. 2.5-Continuity
  • Sec. 2.6-Asymptotes
  • Sec. 2.7-Derivatives
  • Sec. 2.7-Derivatives
  • Sec. 2.8-Derivative Function
  • Sec. 3.1-Derivative rules
  • Sec. 3.2-More derivative rules
  • Sec. 3.3-Trig derivatives
  • Sec. 3.4-Chain rule
  • Midterm
  • Midterm Review
  • Midterm #1
  • Sec. 10.2-Derivatives and parametrized curves
  • Sec. 3.5-Implicit differentiation
  • Sec. 3.5-Implicit differentiation
  • Sec. 3.6-Logarithmic differentiation
  • Sec. 3.9-Related rates
  • Sec. 3.10-Linear approximation
  • Sec. 4.1-Basics on min and max values
  • Sec. 4.3-Derivatives and shape of a curve
  • Sec. 4.4-L'Hôpital's rule
  • Sec. 4.5-Curve sketching
  • Sec. 4.7-Optimization
  • Final Exam Review
  • Final Exam