Math 124 - Winter 2024


A note to the student from the math department.
What if the Calculus class I wish to add is closed?
How do Hybrid and Online sections work?


All homework assignments will be on Webassign and you must purchase an access code if you are taking Calculus for the first time at UW. If you need financial asistance for purchasing Webassing, please fill-out this form. See the form itself for details.

You will register to Webassign via your course Canvas. You have until January 13th to purchase it. Webassign already comes with the eBook. You have two options to buy Webassign. You can but it from the bookstore where you will get an access code which you will then enter when Webassign asks. The bookstore does not sell hardcopies of the book. You can also buy Webassign online via Cengage following their links. Here you will also have the option to buy Webassign bundled with a hard copy of the book. Here are the options. If you will take calculus for three or more terms (through Math 126) you may consider the multi-term options.


The textbook for the course is Calculus, 9th Edition, Early Transcendentals by Stewart. An electronic version is included with your purchase of a WebAssign access code, so a paper copy is not required. We do recommend that you read the textbook, and a paper copy will make that easier. You can buy a used, cheaper, possily older edition of the book. A hard copy of the book is not required for the course. See above for buying new copies of the book.

Calculator Policy.

A TI-30X IIS calculator is required in any of the Math 120/124/125/126 courses. It is the only calculator you can use on the exams. We strongly suggest you use the same calculator when you do your assignments and practice for the exams.

Math 124/5/6 Grade Policy

The median course grades for each lecture section (or a single instructor’s combined lecture sections) of Math 124/5/6 taught during the regular academic year will fall within the range of 2.9 +/- 0.2. This policy may not apply to the online sections of Math 124/5/6.


You are responsible for bringing a printout of the correct worksheet to quiz section every Tuesday. Don't do the worksheet at home, you will complete the worksheet in class. Pdf's of each individual worksheet can be found in the Outline table below. Alternatively, click here for a pdf file with all of the worksheets for the quarter together in one file. Worksheet solution links will be activated at the end of each week.


If you need accommodations because of a disability, please contact Disability Resources for Students. For religious accommodations, please see this page. Once your forms have been approved, contact your instructor to discuss details of your accomodations.

Final Exam

Final Exam is on Saturday, March 9th at 1:30pm. See the Common Finals page for details.

Week Worksheets Exam Archive Topics and Textbook Sections
  • Tangents to circles
  • Sec. 2.1 - Tangents and velocity
  • Sec. 2.2 - Limits
  • Sec. 2.3 - Calculating Limits
  • Sec. 2.5 - Continuity
  • Sec. 2.6 - Asymptotes
  • Sec. 2.7 - Derivatives
  • Sec. 2.8 - Derivative function
  • Sec. 3.1 & 3.2 - Derivative rules
  • Sec. 3.3 - Trig derivatives
  • Midterm 1 on Jan 30
  • Midterm Review
  • Sec. 3.4 - Chain rule
  • Sec. 3.5 - Implicit differentiation
  • More on Sec. 3.5
  • Sec. 10.1 or supplement reading on parametric equations
  • Sec. 10.2 - Derivatives and parametrized curves
  • Sec. 3.6 - Logarithmic differentiation
  • Sec. 3.9 - Related rates
  • Sec. 3.10 - Linear approximation
  • No school Feb 19
  • Midterm 2 on Feb 20
  • Sec. 4.1 - Basics on min and max values
  • Sec. 4.3 - Derivatives and shape of a curve

  • Sec. 4.4 - L'Hôpital's rule and indeterminate forms
  • Sec. 4.5 - Curve sketching

  • Sec. 4.7 - Optimization
  • Wrap-up and Review