Math 124

What type of Math 124 section should I register for?

All Math 124 sections follow the same schedule as shown in The Materials Website They cover the same material and have the same homework assignments. They also have a common final exam.

Math 124 Standard Sections

Standard sections of Math 124 have lectures on MWF with the professor and quiz sections in smaller gorups of thirty students with a teaching assistant on TuTh. The attendance to quiz sections is mandatory in the sense that there is graded work - worksheets done is groups graded for participation and possibly quizzes.

Math 124 Hybrid Section

The lectures for the Hybrid section are pre-recorded so there are no scheduled MWF in class meetings with the professor. The lectures can be watched on a schedule set up by the student. The quiz sections with teaching assistants work like the regular sections where attendance is mandatory as explained above. Not having scheduled MWF lectures gives some flexibility to the students for scheduling other courses, but also a responsibility to maintain their own schedule to keep up with the assignments.

Math 124 Online Section

The Online Section of Math 124 has neither lectures nor quiz sections scheduled. The pre-recorded lectures can be watched on a schedule set up by the student. The worksheets and quizzes are done online. In liue of quiz sections, there is a discussion board for the students to participate in. While this gives a lot of flexibility to the students, it also creates more responsibility to stay on track. Being successfull in an online course takes more self-motivation. The exams of the online section are in person. The two midterms are scheduled on Tuesdays during the time shown in the time schedule. The final exam is common to all Math 124.

You may ask your advisor or contact the Mathematics Student Services Office for advice on which section to choose.