The 2015 papers are linked below

The 2014 papers are linked below

The 2013 papers are posted below.

The 2012 papers are posted below.

MCM 2011

The 2011 papers are posted below.

MCM 2010

The 2010 papers are posted below. This was a great year. We had one Outstanding Winner -- Mark, Jerry, and Ian; two Meritorious Winners -- Tam, Dan, Andrew; Jane, Nick, Milda; and one Successful Participant -- Alex, Chris, Igor. There were 2254 teams and 9 Outstanding Winners. The full results are at MCM results

MCM 2009

The 2009 papers are posted below. The results are: Alex, Tracy, and Dylan; Simon, Daniel, and Genia; Chris, Igor, and Ian: all Meritorious; Ben, Chad, and Eric: Successful Participant. This is the largest number of Meritorious (top 18%) we have ever had. The results are available at mcm There were 1650 teams entered.

MCM 2008

The 2008 contest is over. The papers are posted below. Tom, Lukas, and Tracy are Meritorious. The other teams are Honorable Mention.

MCM 2007

Sam Burden, Lukas, and Aaron are Outstanding Winners and MAA Winners. Nate, Wes, and Sam Whittle are Outstanding Winners. Kyotaro, Peter, Ting; and Alex, Evan, and Harkirat are Honorable Mention. The results are at this link. The UW Week article on the winners.

MCM 2006

The results are: Orion, Owen, and Jeff; Cary, Andrew, and Lukas are meritorious. Noah, Jerry, and Nick; Peter, Joel, and Justin are honorable mention.

MCM and ICM 2005

The results are in. Once again we have an Outstanding Winner (Ryan, Braxton, and Christina), who also won the INFORMS Prize. Jenny, Jerry, and Nick received a Meritorious Award, and the rest of the teams were all judged Honorable Mention. This was surely the most competitive contest ever. The results are available at 2005 MCM Results. UW newsrelease on the competition, which appeared in University Week on April 14, 2005. There is also an article in the Daily on April 19, 2005.

MCM 2004

The teams for the 2004 contest were:

We have one Outstanding Winner (Sasha, Tracy, and Casey), two Meritorious Winners (Cary, Simon, and Braxton; Noah, Elliott, and Michael), and one Successful Participant (Emily, Zack, and Lukas). Results can be viewed at MCM 2004 Results site. The problems can be viewed at the MCM Website. The UW press release. News items from UW Daily, Seattle PI, and Tacoma News Tribune.

MCM 2003

The two math teams for the 2003 contest were A photo of the teams together with an interloper. Ernie, Jeff, and Simon are Outstanding Winners and their paper wins the MAA award. Mark, Sam, and Luke are Outstanding Winners and their paper wins the INFORMS Award. There were 638 entrants this year. Six solutions of problem A were Outstanding and five solutions of problem B were outstanding. The MCM 2003 results are at the MCM 2003 Results Site. This is the first time that one university has had Outstanding Winners (and award winners) of the two different MCM problems. Here is a link to an article in the University Week. And here is the Seattle Times Editorial of Monday, April 28.

MCM 2002

The two math teams for the 2002 contest were . The two acms teams for the 2002 contest were There were 522 teams, four Outstanding solutions of problem A and six Outstanding solutions of problem B. The MCM 2002 results are at the MCM2002 website

MCM 2001

The math team for the 2001 contest was The MCM 2001 results are at the MCM2001 website