Inverse Problems, Summer, 2010

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Washington will be offering a summer research opportunity under the auspices of the National Science Foundation's Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program. The program will last for eight weeks, from June 21 until August 13. Participants will be introduced to research problems related to the problem of finding the resistors in a network from boundary measurements. Students in the program will be investigating and formulating discrete problems involving planar and non-planar networks and their relation to continuous inverse problems. Some papers that have been produced on these problems can be viewed from links on this page. Here are links to the announcement and application form.

This program is exclusively for permanent residents of the United States who will not have graduated by June of 2010. Advanced undergraduates and foreign students might be interested in the IPDE Summer School, to which they are encouraged to apply. Undergrads in the Summer School may be offered the opportunity to participate in the first week of the REU program.

Links to relevant papers:
  1. The Dirichlet to Neumann Map for a Resistor Network by E. B. Curtis and J. A. Morrow pdf
  2. Finding the Conductors in Circular Networks from Boundary Measurements by E. B. Curtis, E. Mooers, and J. A. Morrow pdf
  3. Circular Planar Graphs and Resistor Networks by E. B. Curtis, D. Ingerman, and J. A. Morrow pdf
  4. Determining the Resistors in a Network by E. B. Curtis and J. A. Morrow pdf
  5. On a Characterization of the Kernel of the Dirichlet-to-Neumann Map for a Planar Region by D. Ingerman and J. Morrow
  6. Negative Conductors and Network Planarity by Konrad Schroder
  7. The Dirichlet to Neumann Map for a Cubic Resistor Network by Todd Hollenbeck and J. Morrow
  8. Discrete and Continuous Inverse Boundary Problems on a Disk by David Ingerman
  9. Planarity of Networks with Four or Five Boundary Nodes by Amanda Mueller
  10. Disjoint Boundary-Boundary Paths in Critical Circular Planar Networks by Ryan Sturgell
  11. Using Network Amalgamation and Separation to Solve the Inverse Problem By Ryan Card and Brandon Muranaka
  12. The Discrete Inverse Scattering Problem by Michelle Covell and Krzysztof Fidkowski
  13. Discrete Inverse Problems for Schrodinger and Resistor Networks by Richard Oberlin
  14. Recovering Networks with Signed Conductivities by Michael Goff
  15. Applications of the star-K Tool by Tracy Lovejoy
  16. Discrete Complex Analysis by Karen Perry
  17. Star and K Solve the Inverse Problem by Jeff Russell
  18. Global Uniqueness of a two-dimensional inverse boundary value problem by Adrian Nachman
  19. Layered Networks, the Discrete Laplacian, and a Continued Fraction Identity

Website for detailed information about the Math REU at the University of Washington. This website includes an archive of papers going back to 1988.

email addresses:
Brooke Miller
Jim Morrow