Math 124 Fall 2018 Section A





Ebru Bekyel


Office hours: MWF 10-12, MF 12:30-1:30  PDL-C 422.


Teaching Assistants



Erin Connely


Office Hours: Tu 12:00-1:00 at the MSC, Th 11:00-12:00 at PDL-C 402

Shane Shang


Office Hours: Tu 11:30-12:30, Th 10:30-11:30 at the MSC

For the times and places of the sections see the schedule.

General Information

Please see the Math124 Materials website for information about the syllabus, textbook and homework(webassign). Ti-30x IIS is the only calculator allowed on exams and quizzes for Math 124/5/6. Color optional.



There will be two midterms, one final exam, homework assignments, quizzes and worksheets. The midterms are 25% each, the final is 30%. The worksheets are 5%, homework assignments are 10% and quizzes are 5% of your total grade. I do not grant extensions on homework assignments. There are no make ups for worksheets or quizzes. I will drop your lowest worksheet and quiz grades. You can follow your quiz, worksheet and exam grades from


Week at a glance

Lectures are on MWF (almost) following the syllabus on the Math 124 Materials website. See the schedule of lectures below in purple.

Tuesday quiz sections are for worksheets and quizzes. Print all the worksheets and bring them to quiz sections. Worksheets are graded for participation. We post the solutions for you to check your work later. I will announce the quiz topic in lecture on Mondays if you remind me. There are one or two questions on each quiz, depending on the topic, usually similar to a homework question.

Thursday sections are for practice problems and homework questions. When you go to your Thursday section, you should have looked at all of the assignment due that night and completed at least half of it. Use this time with your TA and classmates to go over the more difficult and challenging problems.

The homework assignments are due on Tuesdays and Thursdays by 11:45 PM. I recommend you start your homework soon after the lecture. The material builds up. You need to practice the previous topic before the next lecture. On the two midterm weeks, assignments on the lectures from Friday are due on Monday.


Week of


You can follow the course syllabus from Math 124 Materials website.



Classes start 09/26
Circles, Lines and Introduction to Parametric Curves

·       Welcome to Math 124!

·       The Math Study Center is a great place to do your homework.

·       First homework assignment due on Thursday 09/27. Help with getting started with webassign.

·       There is no quiz or worksheet this week. Bring your laptop or a print out of the first assignment to Thursday’s section and do your homework in class.

·       You can see my lecture notes here. Future ones have broken links.



Sections 2.1-2.3

·       Do not forget to bring your worksheet to Tuesday’s quiz section.

·       The first quiz on Tuesday 10/02 will be on lines and circles from the first lecture.

·       Here is a graph of y=sin(1/x) (from Wednesday’s Lecture)

·       Solutions to Quiz 1



Sections 2.5-2.7

·       The quiz on 10/09 will be on parametric lines and circles. Review the related homework. Here are three past quizzes on parametric lines and circles for practice: Winter 2012 and its solutions, Spring 2013 and its solutions, Spring 2016 and its solutions.

·       Solutions to Quiz 2.



Sections 2.8, 3.1-3.3

·       The quiz on 10/16 will be on Sections 2.3 and 2.6, one question from each. For practice you can look at questions 11-32 in Section 2.3 and questions 15-42 in Section 2.6 of your textbook. Odd ones have answers at the back of the book.

·       Solutions to Quiz 3.

·       Worksheet 4 will be done on Thursday this week.

·       After you have completed Worksheet 4, you can have a look at the animations for Question 1 and Question 2. They show how the parametric curves are traced. For the second one, I also made the tangent line move with t.



Review and Section 3.4

Midterm 1 on Tuesday, October 23

·       There is homework due on Monday this week.

·       The exam covers up to and including Section 3.3. Here is a study guide.

·       Here are the department exam archive and my exam archive. Some past midterms may have questions from Section 3.4 (the Chain Rule).

·       Solutions to the midterm.



Sections 3.5, 10.2 and 3.6

·       Friday, 11/02 is the last day to file a petition to take an alternative final exam. Read this if you are unable to take the final exam on Saturday, 12/8

·       There is no quiz this week.

·       We are not covering all of Section 10.2. In the textbook, you can look at problems #1-25 (ignore graphing parts) and #30 for practice besides the homework.


Sections 3.6 and 3.9

No lecture or office hours on Friday 11/09

·       The quiz on 11/06 is on Section 3.4, the Chain Rule. I will ask you to differentiate 3 functions (no story). Review questions #7-46 in Section 3.4 Exercises.

·       Solutions to the quiz

·       Here is the Geometry Review with suggested related rate problems from my exam archive.

·       Here are the problems I am doing in lecture this week.



Sections 3.10 and 4.1

No class on 11/12

·       The quiz on 11/13 will be on implicit differentiation. The question will be a combination of Section 3.5 HW Part 1, Question 5 where you compute y’ as a formula in terms of x and y, and Section 3.5 HW Part 2 Question 8 where you compute the value of y’’ at a given point.

·       Solutions to the quiz

·       There is no worksheet this week, but still a participation grade. You can go over the related rates (homework) problems. If you have already finished the homework, you can work on more related rate problems from the exam archives. Group together according to your choice.



Review and Section 4.3

No class 11/22 &11/23

Midterm 2 on Tuesday, November 20

·       Solutions to Midterm 2

·       The exam covers Chapter 3 and Section 4.1. By nature of the material, you are responsible for part of the past material on the meaning of the derivative and tangent lines.

·       You can use a Ti-30x IIS calculator and a single sided letter size (8 in. by 11 in.) handwritten sheet of notes during the exam. You can put anything you like on your notes including, but not limited to, formulas, pictures, examples, inspirational words, artwork, etc. All have to be handwritten/drawn by you. We will collect the note sheets and then return them with the exams.

·       Here is a midterm review. It lists the topics, has some suggested problems from the book, a note on linear approximation and hints to related rates problems from my old second midterms.

·       There is homework due Monday this week.

·       Here are the department exam archive and my exam archive.



Sections 4.4 and 4.5

·       Here is an extra problem for Tuesday this week.

·       There is no quiz this week.



Section 4.7 and Review

·       I am doing these problems for Section 4.7 lecture.

·       Here is an extra problem for Tuesday this week.

·       The last quiz is on Section 4.4. One indeterminate quotient, one indeterminate power.

·       Solutions to the last quiz.

·       Final Exam Archive

Final Exam on Saturday, December 8 at 1:30 pm in KNE 130

·       There is assigned seating at KNE 130. Check your seat before coming to the final.

·       Read about the rules and details