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Midterm Exam Details:

Read syllabus for exam rules.
Exam 1: Thur, April 16
Exam 2: Tues, April 28
Exam 3: Tues, May 12
Exam 4: Tues, May 26
Exam 5: Sat, June 6, evening

Exams will be open for a window of time around quiz section time (you will have a set time limit from the momemt you open the assignment within this window of time) The time limit for the 5th exam will be the same as the other exams, but the window of time will be in the evening during when your normal final would have been.


Sam Lindbloom-Airey (CA,CB)
Helena Liu (CC,CD)
Frank Mei (DA,DB)
Ryan Bushling (DC,DD)



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Math Dept 126 website

Overview of 12.1-12.4
12.1 Summary
12.2 Summary
12.3 Summary
12.4 Summary
Physics and Vectors
12.5 Summary
12.5 Visuals and Derivations
12.5 Flowcharts
12.5 Extra Practice
12.6 Summary Notes
13.1 Summary
13.2 Summary
13.3 Summary
13.3 Practice
13.4 Summary
Exam 2 Rules - Ch. 13 Review
Ch. 12 & 13 Fact Sheet

13.3, 13.4, and 14.1 Review
14.3 Review
Partial Derivatives Practice
Calc 1 and 3 max/min facts
14.4 and 14.7 Full Examples
Ch. 14 Full Review
Exam 3 Rules - Ch. 14 Review

list of integrals we know in one step
15.1 Review
15.2 Region Practice - Solns
More 15-2 Practice - Solns
Trig Fact Sheet
10.3 Review
15.2 and 15.3 Review
Exam 4 Facts - Ch. 15 Review

TN 1-3 Review
TN 4-5 Review
Taylor Series Fact Sheet

Supplemental Review Materials:

Trig Fact Sheet
Calculus Fact Sheet (Deriv/Int. Tables)
Calculus I Review
Calculus II Review (Part 1)
Calculus II Review (Part 2)
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Dr. Loveless 125 Archive

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