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Review and Practice Sheets:

Chapter 12 (vectors, lines, planes, 3D tools):
Overview of 12.1-12.4
12.1 Summary
12.2 Summary
12.3 Summary
12.4 Summary
Physics and Vectors
12.5 Summary
12.5 Visuals and Derivations
12.5 Flowcharts
12.5 Extra Practice
12.6 Summary Notes
Ch. 12 Fact Sheet

Chapter 13 (tangent vector, 3D curve tools):
13.1 Summary
13.2 Summary
13.3 Summary
13.3 Practice
13.4 Summary
13.3, 13.4, and 14.1 Review
Ch. 12 & 13 Fact Sheet

Chapter 14 (partial derivatives, max/min for surfaces):
13.3, 13.4, and 14.1 Review
14.3 Review
Partial Derivatives Practice
14.4 and 14.7 Full Examples
Calc 1 and 3 max/min facts
Ch. 14 Full Review

Chapter 15 (double integrals):
list of integrals we know in one step
Flowchart of Integration Methods
15.1 Review
15.2 Region Practice - Solns
More 15-2 Practice - Solns
Trig Fact Sheet
10.3 Review
Large Polar Graph Paper
Polar Graph Paper Median Size
Integrating powers of sine and cosine
15.2 and 15.3 Review
Ch. 15 Review

Taylor Notes (Taylor polynomials, error bounds, and series):
TN 1-3 Review
TN 4-5 Review
Taylor Series Fact Sheet

Final Review
Course Facts Summary
Final Review Worksheet - Solns

Reference Materials:

Trig Fact Sheet
Calculus Fact Sheet (Deriv/Int. Tables)
Calculus I Review
Calculus II Review (Part 1)
Calculus II Review (Part 2)
Dr. Loveless 124 Archive
Dr. Loveless 125 Archive

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