409 - Discrete Optimization - Spring 2022

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Covered material

  1. Monday, Mar 28, 2022: Course logistics; Section 1.1 Algorithms and Complexity; Section 1.1.1 Complexity theory and NP-hardness
  2. Wednesday, Mar 30, 2022: Section 1.2 Graph Theory (undirected graphs)
  3. Friday, April 1, 2022: Section 1.2 Graph Theory (directed graphs) and Section 1.3 TSP
  4. Monday, April 4, 2022: Section 2 Minimum Spanning Trees (finished with Def of connected components)
  5. Wednesday, April 6, 2022: Section 2 Minimum Spanning Trees (finished)
  6. Friday, April 8, 2022: Shortest Paths (until beginning of correctness proof of Dijkstra's algorithm)
  7. Monday, April 11: Shortest Paths (correctness proof of Dijkstra's algorithm; Moore-Bellman-Ford algorithm)
  8. Wednesday, April 13: Correctness of Moore-Bellman-Ford. Detecting of negative cost cycles.
  9. Friday, April 15: Finding negative cost cycle. Introduction to Network Flows.
  10. Monday, April 18: Residual graphs, Ford-Fulkerson, s-t MinCut is upper bound on MaxFlow
  11. Wednesday, April 20: Proof of MaxFlow=MinCut Theorem. Edmonds-Karp algorithm
  12. Friday, April 22: Running time analysis of Edmonds-Karp
  13. Monday, April 25: Bipartite matchings, Koenigs Theorem
  14. Wednesday, April 27: Hall's Theorem. Started with linear programming chapter (polyhedra, convexity, convex hull)
  15. Friday, April 29: Cont. linear programming
  16. Monday, May 2: Farkas Lemma
  17. Wednesday, May 4: MIDTERM
  18. Friday, May 6: Strong Duality Theorem. Discussion of LP algorithms (skipped the section on the gradient-descent based method)
  19. Monday, May 9: Connection of LPs to discrete optimization. Integer programs and integer hull (skipped the direct proof of the integrality of the bipartite matching LP, Lemma 48)
  20. Wednesday, May 11: Intro to total unimodularity
  21. Friday, May 13: Criterion for checking TU'ness. Application to bipartite matching
  22. Monday, May 16: Application to flows. TUness of node-edge incidence matrices of directed graphs. TUness of matrices with consecutive-ones property
  23. Wednesday, May 18: Finished TU chapter. Begin Branch & Bound chapter.
  24. Friday, May 20: Finished B & B chapter. Started with matchings in general graphs
  25. Monday, May 23: Augmenting paths for matchings
  26. Wednesday, May 25: Contracting M-blossoms
  27. Friday, May 27: Finished chapter on matchings in non-bipartite graphs. Started chapter on Knapsack problem
  28. Monday, May 30: NO CLASS --- MEMORIAL DAY
  29. Wednesday, June 1: A dynamic program for Knapsack. A (1-epsilon)-approximation algorithm for Knapsack
  30. Friday, June 3: OFFICE HOUR IN JHN175

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