Math 125: Week 8

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Reading Text -- 8.1, 8.3
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Student Guide:

We return to a couple more applications of integrals in Chapter 8. As before, the method of going from a problem to an integral is more important than any particular formulas we cook up. We study how to compute the length of a curve in Section 8.1. You should understand the derivation of the formula. It is often very difficult to compute the integrals that come up in this section. This is a good place to apply approximation techniques.

This is the week of Midterm #2. Depending on the quarter and instructor, the material covered on the second midterm will vary. Ask your instructor for precise information on the sections covered. Keep these comments in mind as you look over old midterms in the archive. The midterm will be given in TA section. Many instructors devote one lecture period to an in-class review session, the day before the midterm.

Section 8.3 covers an application from Physics: Center of Mass. The topic starts with a summation of discrete data and eventually replaces the summation with an integral. As always, the most important thing here is understanding the process of modelling a problem with an integral. When studying this topic, students often have difficulty with the concept of the moment of a system.

WORKSHEET: The short worksheet Improper.pdf is optional, intended to be given Tuesday, before the midterm. It reviews Improper Integrals and approximation using the Trapezoid Rule.

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