Math 125: Week 9

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Reading Text -- 9.3, 3.8, 9.4
Worksheet    Website -- Newton's law of cooling   DiffEQ.pdf
Worksheet 9 Solutions
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Student Guide:

The rest of the quarter is devoted to the last topic in the class, namely Differential Equations.

Separable Equations are discussed in Section 9.3. These are Differential Equations that can be solved using the techniques we have been studying this quarter.

Section 3.8 covers Exponential Growth and Decay. This is Precalculus material and may be familiar, but you should focus on the aspects that are related to Differential Equations. Be sure you know how to solve these problems using the techniques of Section 9.3. Newton's Law of Cooling is introduced as an application for differential equations.

Several applications of differential equations are covered in section 9.4, including mixing problems. When time permits, the logistic equation may be discussed, also. This is an important equation for modeling population growth. Some of these topics may be covered early next week.

WORKSHEET: Differential Equations have many interesting and useful applications. The worksheet DiffEQ.pdf will introduce you to two of these, Newton's Law of Cooling and a model for the spread of a rumor. Both involve differential equations that can be solved by the method of Separation of Variables. The worksheet gives a step-by-step introduction to this method.

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