Math 125: Week 10

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Reading Text -- 3.8/9.4, Review for the Final Exam
Worksheet    Website -- Review, Part 1 ReviewOne.pdf
Worksheet 10a Solutions
Worksheet Website -- Review, Part 2 ReviewTwo.pdf
Worksheet 10b Solutions
Homework Text -- Review for the Final Exam

Student Guide:

Most of this week is usually spent on catching up, if needed, and on review for final exam.

More applications of differential equations are covered from sections 9.4, and/or 3.8. When time permits, the logistic equation may be discussed, also. This is an important equation for modeling population growth.

Most instructors devote one or two lecture periods to in-class review sessions.

The sample final exams in the Final Exam Archive are good ways to practice and review.

WORKSHEETS: The two worksheets ReviewOne.pdf and ReviewTwo.pdf give further examples of the types of problems you can expect on the final exam.


Week 9 outline    Math 125 main page