Math 125

Important Information

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  • What if the Calculus class I wish to add is closed?
  • You must purchase Webassign opt-in access if you are taking CALCULUS for the first time at the University of Washington or if did not buy multi-term access for the Calculus sequence during a prior term. All homework assignments will be on Webassign.
    There is a 2 week grace period at the start of the quarter when you can access Webassign freely, to view and submit your homework.
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  • Recommended Textbook -- The textbook for the course is Calculus, 8th Edition, Early Transcendentals by Stewart. An electronic version is included with your purchase of WebAssign access mentioned above, so a paper copy is not required. We do recommend that you read the textbook, and a paper copy will make that easier. An older edition of the paper textbook will serve just as well, and will cost significantly less. Some used custom versions of this textbook (volume 1 covers math124 and math125) may be available at the UW bookstore.
  • Calculator Policy. A TI-30X IIS calculator is required in any of the Math 120/124/125/126 courses. It is the only calculator you can use on the exams. We strongly suggest you use the same calculator when you do your assignments and practice for the exams.
  • Math 124/5/6 Grade Policy. The median course grades for each lecture section (or a single instructor's combined lecture sections) of Math 124/5/6 taught during the regular academic year will fall within the range of 2.9 +/- 0.2. This policy may not apply to the online sections of Math 124/5/6.
  • Worksheets -- You are responsible for bringing a printout of the correct worksheet to quiz section every Thursday. Don't do the worksheet at home, you will complete the worksheet in class. PDFs of each individual worksheet can be found under the corresponding week's Outline in the table below. Alternatively, click here for a pdf file with all of the worksheets for the quarter together in one file.
  • The Final Exam is on Saturday, June 3, at 1:30pm.  More info: Ground Rules and Rooms.
    Table of Permitted Integral Formulas: During the final exam, you may use directly any of the integral formulas in the table below. All other integrals must be computed from these, using the methods taught this quarter.

Course Outline for Spring  Quarter:

Week Weekly Outline/
Study Guide
Exam Archive Topics and Textbook Sections
1 Outline 1 Antiderivatives; Areas and Riemann Sums; Definite Integrals 
(in Stewart: Sec. 4.9, 5.1, 5.2)
2 Outline 2 The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus; Indefinite Integrals & Total vs Net Change; The Technique of Substitution
(Sec. 5.3, 5.4, 5.5)
3 Outline 3 Applications: Areas between Curves; Volumes By Slicing; Volumes of Solids of Revolutions via the Disks/Washers method & via the Cylindrical Shells method
(Sec. 6.1, 6.2, 6.3)
4 Outline 4 MIDTERM #1 Archive More volumes ; Review; Midterm #1 Application: Work
(Sec. 6.2/6.3, 6.4)
5 Outline 5   Application: Average Value of a Function. Techniques of Integration: Integration by Parts, Products of Trig Functions
(Sec. 6.5; 7.1, 7.2)
6 Outline 6 More Techniques of Integration: Trigonometric Substitution; Partial Fractions; Strategies of Integration
(Sec. 7.3, 7.4, 7.5)
7 Outline 7 Approximations of Integrals; Improper Integrals; Application: Arclength of a Curve
(Sec. 7.7, 7.8, 8.1)

8 Outline 8 MIDTERM #2 Archive Application: Center of Mass; Review. Midterm #2; Intro to Differential Equations
 (Sec. 8.3, 9.1)
9 Outline 9 Solving Separable Differentiable Equations;  Applications of Diff. Eqs.
(Sec. 9.3, 3.8, 9.4)
10 Outline 10 FINAL Exam Archive Holiday on Monday; Final Exam Review