Course Materials for Math 498: Numerical Analysis II

These materials are for Math 498, taught by Anne Greenbaum and Tim Chartier in the Winter term of 2008 at the University of Washington.

Syllabus: syllabus

Course Notes for Math 498

Assignments and handouts.

First homework assignment (due Wed., Jan. 16): homework1

Second homework assignment (due Fri., Jan. 25) (changed from Wed. since I forgot about the holiday on Mon.): homework2

Sample solutions to second homework assignment: homework2soln

Third homework assignment (due Wed., Feb. 6): homework3

Fourth homework assignment (due Wed., Feb. 13): homework4

Slides from lecture on Google's pagerank (Fri., Feb. 8): pagerank

Slides from lecture on Richardson extrapolation (Fri., Feb. 15): richardson

Fifth homework assignment (due Wed., Feb. 20): homework5

Sample solutions to fifth homework assignment: homework5soln

Sixth homework assignment (due Wed., Feb. 27): Problems 1, 2, 3, and 4 on p. 239.

Information on projects: projects

Practice problems for midterm: practice_problems

Sample solutions to practice problems: practice_solns

MIDTERM: Fri., Feb. 29.

Project proposals due on OR BEFORE Mon., Mar. 3.

Homework for Fri., Mar. 7. Do numerical experiments to approximate the expected value of the determinant of a 2x2 symmetric matrix whose entries are uniformly distributed between 0 and 1 (problem 2b on the midterm). Then see if you can derive an analytic solution.

Zipped file for lecture Mon., Mar. 10:

Sample MATLAB codes.

Matlab code for Yoda: yoda.m .
Data for Yoda: yoda_low.mat .

Matlab code for mountain: mountain.m .
Matlab code for mountain2d: mountain2d.m .

Sample Matlab codes for second homework assignment:
Matlab code for coastline problem: coastline.m .
Matlab code for dice problems: dice.m ; using Central Limit Theorem: diceCLT.m .

Matlab codes for Google's pagerank:
googleSim1.m .
googlePower.m .
pagerank.m .
pagerankpow.m .
surfer.m .

Matlab code for second derivative:
secondDeriv.m .

Matlab code for Chapter 9, Exercise 1:
ch9Ex1.m .

Excel code for Richardson extrapolation:
Richardson.xls .

Matlab code for Sudoku:
sudoku.m .