Homework is due at the beginning of class.

Please make sure to write your name on each page or staple your homework.

You may email me your hw in .pdf format if you are unable to make it to class.

No late homework accepted.

Homework 1 due Fri 4/12

Homework 1 solutions

Homework 2 due Fri 4/19.

In problem 4.1 you can assume 7 does not divide 100, as basic algebra

Please note that problem 5 on pag 53 continues on pag 54.

Homework 2 solutions

Homework 3 due Fri 4/26. NOTE: The hw has two pages.

in additional problem 2 we only need r to be different from 1

Homework 3 solutions

Homework 4 due Fri 5/3

Homework 4 solutions

There will be no hw due on Fri 5/10 Midterm week. Here are some problems on chapter 8 and 9 with solutions

Homework 5 due Fri 5/17 .

Homework 5 solutions

Homework 6 due Fri 5/24

Homework 6 solutions

Homework 7 due Fri 5/31

Homework 7 solutions

Homework 8 NOT DUE

Homework 8 solutions

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