Washington Middle School Math Challenge

New! The events for this school year are over, but stay tuned! Next year we'll start a Weekly Math Circle for middle school students Sundays on the UW campus. Details are forthcoming in late August.
Welcome to the WMS Math Challenge, an after school program for students who love math and want to expand their mathematical knowledge. The WMS Math Challenge will be run in conjunction with the WMS Math Team meetings, and is open to any student who is interested in exploring the fun and exciting world of mathematics.

Meeting Times: every other Thursday, 2:45-4pm. Supervision will be provided until 4:30pm
Instructors: Steve Klee and Toby Johnson, UW graduate students
Contact Information: klees [at] math [dot] washington [dot] edu

About instructors:

Steve Klee is a fifth year graduate student at the University of Washington studying geometric combinatorics. His hobbies include cooking, rock climbing, solving crossword puzzles, and dividing by zero. Steve has been teaching Math challenge at Montlake Elementary since 2007, and is now moving to Washington together with some of his students.

Toby Johnson is a second-year graduate student at the University of Washington interested in algebra and combinatorics. In his spare time, he likes going to farmers markets around Seattle and cooking with what he gets there.

Meeting Schedule:

We will be meeting every Thursday through the end of May. We will post our weekly worksheets and homework assignments here as well.