Math 126 Additional Material

This page contains additional material supplied by Math 126 instructors.

Worksheet 1 from 2007: Applications of Linear Approximation This has a problem from CarTalk and introduces Newton's method (marshall?)

Java applet that I think gives a nice illustration of Taylor polynomials for sin x (conroy)

Center of mass example with animation (conroy)

Tangent spirals (conroy)

Some interesting parametric curves, suitable for overhead transparencies (conroy)

Some transparencies showing sin x and its first few Taylor polynomials (conroy)

A pdf with some examples of line/plane interactions (conroy)

Animation showing the spiral x=t cos t, y = t sin t, z=t at the origin (conroy)

Application of Taylor polynomials to a survey problem. (marshall)

Worksheet on conic sections (marshall)

Worksheet on hyperbolas (marshall)

Worksheet on vector functions (marshall)

Worksheet on Electric Fields (marshall) (a bit too hard for most 126 students)

Worksheet on minimizing distance (arms)

Worksheet on dot and cross product (perkins/novik)

Worksheet on vector functions and derivatives (perkins/novik)

Grade distributions in math classes 2003-04

If you are willing to share some of your material on this page, please contact Jenni Taggart.