Course Materials for Math 554: Linear Analysis

These materials are for Math 554, taught by Anne Greenbaum in the Autumn term of 2008 at the University of Washington.

Syllabus: syllabus

Course Notes for Math 554

Assignments and handouts.

First homework assignment (due Fri., Oct. 3): homework1 pdf file, or LaTeX

Second homework assignment (due Fri., Oct. 10): homework2 pdf file, or LaTeX

Third homework assignment (due Fri., Oct. 17): homework3 pdf file, or LaTeX

Fourth homework assignment (due Mon., Oct. 27): homework4 pdf file, or LaTeX

Midterm. Wed., Oct. 29. Will cover sections on Vector Spaces and Finite Dimensional Spectral Theory in the Notes.

Fifth homework assignment (due Fri., Nov. 7): homework5 pdf file, or LaTeX

Sixth homework assignment (due Fri., Nov. 14): homework6 pdf file, or LaTeX

Seventh homework assignment (due Fri., Nov. 21): homework7 pdf file, or LaTeX

Eighth (and last) homework assignment (due Fri., Dec. 5): homework8 pdf file, or LaTeX