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David Simmons (AE) -- Office hours : M 4:00-6:00 in MSC


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Midterm 2 Solutions

Midterm 2 is on Thursday 2/28. See Exams informationfor more information.

NOTE: I will have extra office hours today Wed 2/13 from 2:30 to 3:30 in the MSC

Worksheet for Th 2/14 Here are the solutions.

NOTE: Due to our class being cancelled again today, I have recorded a second video covering section 7.1 (integration by parts). I posted the lecture video and slides for section 7.1 on the class web page. Look for them at the Lectures (posted after class) link above. There will be homework due this week , but I postponed the due date to Thursday. I have also enabled a WebAssign forum in case you want to post any questions, although it is not easy to type questions involving integrals. To access the forum you can login into WebAssign, click on communication on top, then snow day forum, then questions and finally new post to post a question.

Solutions to worksheet for Th 2/7

Please read section 7.2 of the textbook and check the lecture notes and the video posted in the lectures after link above

Worksheet for Th 2/7

Midterm 1 solutions There were two versions, solutions to both are in this file

Web Assign office hours in MSC Th 1/10 M 1/14 from 11-3

Please print and bring to Thursday section the first worksheet : "AreaProblem " from the math 125 materials website . Look for the outline at the bottom of the page and click on outline 1

NOTE ON ADDING THE CLASS: Calculus courses cannot be overloaded, no exceptions. If a student is hoping to get into a calculus course, he should sign up for Notify.UW, which is a free tool that sends notifications about course availability directly to students. Students wanting to be added to the course, still should attend and keep up with all the work. The Math department website has detailed registration information : here. If there are any registration issues, questions should be directed to Math Student Services. Email is easiest: Starting 1/14, students cannot register for classes on their own since we are in the second week of the quarter. They will need instructors' permission and can register only if space is available. The information above is for matriculated students. Non-matriculated (non-degree seeking) students have the lowest priority for space and will need to wait until 1/14 to request entry into in-person classes