Dr. Jonah Ostroff
email: ostroff [at] uw [dot] edu
Office: Padelford C-548

Office Hours

Mondays, 2:45–3:45 PM
Wednesdays, 2:45–3:45 PM
Thursdays, 3–5 PM


Section A:
    Kane 220
    MWF, 9:30 AM –10:20 AM
Section B:
    Kane 110
    MWF, 10:30 AM – 11:20 AM
Section C:
    Kane 110
    MWF, 1:30 PM – 2:20 PM


Sections AA & AB:
    Maddie Burkhart
Sections AC & AD:
    Tuomas Tajakka
Sections BA & BB:
    Jacob Richey
Sections BC & BD:
    Dia Taha
Sections CA & CB:
    Zijian Li
Sections CC & CD:
    Caleb Geiger

Exam dates:

Midterm 1: Oct. 20 (in quiz section)
Midterm 2: Nov. 17 (in quiz section)
Final exam: Dec. 10, 5 PM – 7:50 PM


December 6: Hey, the final is on Saturday! Here's a list of topics. I'll also be holding a review session on Friday, 4 PM – 6 PM in Smith 120.

December 2:
Here's that super long problem from class today.

November 18:
Here are the solutions to yesterday's midterm.

November 9:
Here's a list of topics for next week's exam. We'll also be having another review session on Wednesday (November 16th), 4 PM – 6 PM in EXED 110.

October 21:
Here are the solutions to yesterday's midterm.

October 13:
Hey, there's a midterm next Thursday! Here are some ways to prepare.
    • Look through this list of topics.
    • Practice old midterms from the exam archive. (See this Piazza post for a list of problems sorted by chapter.)
    • Do all the DFEPs.
    • Come to the review session next Wednesday (October 19), 4 PM – 6 PM in PAA A102.

September 30:
Still trying to register for Math 120, but want to get started on the homework? Here are the first four assignments. (Your versions will have slightly different constants when you register.)
    Chapter 1 (Due Oct. 6)
    Chapter 2 (Due Oct. 6)
    Chapter 3 (Due Oct. 11)
    Chapter 4 (Due Oct. 11)

September 28: Hey, welcome to Math 120. Please familiarize yourself with the following links:
    WebAssign (for accessing the homework)
    Piazza (for asking questions)
    Google Drive: Section A, Section B, Section C (for the notes from class)
    Panopto (for recorded lectures)


Piazza discussion forum
    (login required)

    Section A
    Section B
    Section C

Homework (via WebAssign)

Lecture notes (via Google Drive):
       Section A
       Section B
       Section C

Panopto recordings

WebAssign tips

The textbook


Advice for Succeeding in Math 120

Old Math 120 exam archive

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