Math 124 C and D FALL 18


Elena Pezzoli . -- Office hours : M: 12:30-1:30 in MSC, F 9:30-10:20 in MSC

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Tyler Chen (DA,DB) -- Office hours :T 10:00-11:00 in MSC, Th 12:30-1:30 in MSC Eli Johnson (DC,DD): -- Office hours :Tu 4:00 to 5:00 in MSC, Fri 10:00 to 11:00 in MSC-


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12/3: Final exam on Saturday 12/8 , 1:30-4:20 in KNE 120

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Midterm 2 solutions

NO CLASS on Wed 11/21

Midterm 2 on Tuesday 11/20.

Midterm 1 solutions version 1

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Midterm 1 will be on Tuesday 10/23 in your discussion section

Math 124 cannot be overloaded. Please watch the web for openings and and see a Math advisor in PDL c36 if you need help with your schedule or future planning.

Welcome to math 124. Please familiarize yourself with the links above, check the syllabus and exam information link.

Please print and bring week 1 worksheet to section on Thursday 9/27 . You can find the worksheet by clicking on the worksheets link above

All students must have access to Webassign in order to do the homework. You can login for free during the first two weeks of the course. Check the WebAssign link above to login. To continue accessing WebAssign for the whole quarter you will need to purchase an access code. Please check the Math 124 materials website link above for instructions on how to purchase and how to enter the access code.

Review precalculus, if you need to. Do you remember how to find the equation of a line, circle, how to calculate intersections of lines and/or circles, how to find tangent lines to a circle ? Do you remember trigonometry ? Are you familiar with the graphs of trigonometric functions, exponentials, ln, square root ? Do you know how to work with paramteric equations of motions for linear and circular motion ? Below are some links that may help you review:

Precalculus textbook used for UW Math 120

Useful formulas for lines and circles

Tangents to a circle (Note: these methods do not exactly extend to other curves.In this course you will learn a different method to find tangent lines to parabolas, for example.)

Uniform Circular motion. Parametric equations of circles and ellipses.

Parametric equations of motion, for linear motion

A note about arcsin and arccos

Plots of some elementary functions

Please also review the Parametric equations supplements 1 and 2 posted at the bottom of Math 124 materials website (see link above) on the schedule for week 1 and 2.