Northwest Mathematics Interaction

Summer 2005 Programs

NWMI offers several parallel programs during the same week in summer 2005, on the University of Washington campus. Follow the links for detailed descriptions and PRINTABLE REGISTRATION FORMS.

Summer Geometry Institute for Teachers,
July 31 -August 5

The eleventh NWMI Summer Geometry Institute is an amazing week of immersion in geometry. A variety of topics are investigated using a wide spectrum of active and hands-on approaches, from paper-folding and polyhedral models to Geometer's Sketchpad.

Investigations Minicourses for Teachers, August 1 - 4

A menu of NWMI minicourses will provide something of interest to every math teacher. Each minicourse offers two days of hands-on, in-depth exploration of a fascinating math topic relevant to school mathematics.

Session A: (Monday, 8/1 - Tuesday, 8/2)

  • The Geometry of the Fourth Dimension
  • Counting & Number Patterns

Session B: (Wednesday, 8/3 - Thursday, 8/4)

  • Tessellations

Middle School Workshop: Washington Math Cases, August 1 - 5

NWMI is hosting a special workshop for middle school teachers for the Washington Math Cases Project. The workshop in 2005 is only open to teachers in partner school districts of the MCP: Seattle Seattle, Spokane, Cheney, Pullman, Inchelium, Tonasket, Willpinit.

Bonus: After-Dinner Math for all Programs

Each evening NWMI offers an informal selection of math activity and discussion open to all NWMI programs. The choices will include origami and polyhedral model-building, going further with technology, and exploring fascinating math topics and problems.

Which program is for you?

Need more answers? Try the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page. Also, you can read detailed information for participants in the participant information letters.

For Alumni: Free Reunion Workshop, July 30-31

This free workshop is open to alumni of either the Summer Geometry Institute or any of the Investigations Minicourses. Saturday lodging will be provided. SIGN UP ONLINE TODAY.(elapsed)

"This program is the best around. It not only has excellent people running the program during the summer, but the activities during the year and reunions keep the program alive." -- an NWMI alum

"It is practice and not theory. Our district has started to adopt textbooks and teaching goals that reflect the methods and goals from NWMI. NWMI was not the only influence but it led and modeled the reforms which are student based learning, inquiry, discovery, and problem solving." -- an NWMI alum

Origami Polyhedron

NWMI geometry comprises a wide spectrum of mathematics and teaching methods, including:

Polyhedra! Quilts! Projects! Kites! Transformations! Discovery! Conics! Spheres! Geometer's Sketchpad! Drawing!

For more information, send email to nwmi@math.washington.edu.

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