Math 126 Materials Website

This page contains information for instructors and students of Math 126.

  • Note to the students
  • Sample Schedule (Sections and Topics covered in a typical quarter)
  • Math 124/5/6 Grade Policy: The median course grades for each lecture section (or a single instructor’s combined lecture sections) of Math 124/5/6 taught during the regular academic year will fall within the range of 2.9 +/- 0.2. This policy may not apply to the online sections of Math 124/5/6.
  • Required Materials:
    • All students need an access code for Webassign. If you purchased a lifetime-of-the-edition access code for Math 124/5, you do not need a new code. If you need to buy Webassign access, you may purchase a single-term code, along with an electronic copy of the text, directly from WebAssign for $40.
    • If you want a physical copy of the text, purchase "Calculus" by Stewart, vol. 2, from the UW bookstore. This is a portion of the hardbound text "Calculus, 8th Edition, Early Transcendentals" by Stewart. The custom version vol. 1 covers Math 124/125 at UW. The custom version vol. 2 covers Math 126/324 at UW.
    • At the end of the quarter, we will work from these Taylor Notes.
    • The only calculator allowed on the final exam will be the TI 30X IIS. The University Book Store stocks these for $14.95. You may use any color but this is the only model that will be allowed on the final exam. Check with individual instructors about their policies on calculators during midterms and quizzes.
  • Homework:
  • Exams and Quizzes:
    • All sections will have two midterms and one (commonly written) final exam during the quarter.
    • During the final exam, students may use a TI 30X IIS calculator and one sheet (8.5x11-inches, both sides) of hand-written notes. (No other model of calculator will be allowed.)
    • Instructors may also give midterms and quizzes. Individual instructors may set their own policies for notes and calculators on midterms and quizzes.
    • Archive of Old Exams:
  • Worksheets: Instructors may have students work on worksheets during some quiz sections.
    (This directory of worksheets contains some worksheets that were used in previous quarters. The syllabus has changed significantly since these were created---if an instructor wishes to use these worksheets, they will need to be modified for timing and content.)
  • Here are some additional materials from previous instructors.