Math 125: Week 4

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Reading Text -- 6.2/6.3, 6.4
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Student Guide:

Continuing last week's topic: it's important to master and be able to apply all methods for computing volumes and to understand that, depending on the region to be rotated and on the axis of revolution, one of the methods may be much better than the other. That is, you should be able to determine when it's best to integrate with respect to x or y, and when to use shells or washers.

This is the week of Midterm #1. Depending on the pacing of your instructor, the material covered on the first midterm will vary; it typically covers up to section 6.3, including. Ask your instructor for precise information on the sections covered. Keep these comments in mind as you look over old midterms in the archive. Some past quarters' midterm exams might include work problems; if your section has not covered section 6.4 before the midterm, skip such problems (for now). The midterm will be given in TA section on Thursday. Many instructors devote one lecture period to an in-class review session, the day before the midterm.

Another application integrals is computing Work in various kinds of complex situations in section 6.4. While the concept of Work is important in Physics, the main thing to get here is yet another example of taking a problem and turning it into an integral. The more examples like this you see, the more likely it will be that you think of trying this in your own work.

WORKSHEET: The short worksheet Astroid.pdf may be given Tuesday, before the midterm, if both sections 6.2 and 6.3 have been covered by then. It provides a review of computing volumes of solids of revolution. It also introduces the astroid, a hypocycloid. Your instructor may choose to skip this worksheet.

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