Giovanni Inchiostro

Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of Washington


   Email: ginchios (at character)

   Mailing Address: Department of Mathematics

     C-138 Padelford, Box 354350
     Seattle, WA 98195  

I am a postdoc at UW, my mentor is Jarod Alper. I got my Ph.D. at Brown University under the supervision of Dan Abramovich.


Research Interests

I am mainly interested in algebraic geometry, with connections to number theory and combinatorics.

I am very interested in anything which falls between birational geometry and algebraic stacks. For example, I am interested in the problem of compactifying moduli spaces of higher dimensional algebraic varieties using birational geometry and the Minimal Model Program, and understanding the geometry of these compactifications.

I find it appealing when one can compute explicit numeric invariants of moduli spaces (such as the Brauer group or the Chow ring), or when one can use algebraic geometry to answer questions from combinatorics.

Papers and preprints

- Moduli of properly elliptic surfaces of irregularity zero (with Dori Bejleri, Josiah Foster, Andres Fernandez Herrero, Svetlana Makarova and Junyan Zhao) Preliminary draft

- A criterion for smooth weighted blow-downs (with Veronica Arena, Andrea Di Lorenzo, Siddharth Mathur, Stephen Obinna and Michele Pernice)

- Moduli of boundary polarized Calabi-Yau pairs (with Kenneth Ascher, Dori Bejleri, Harold Blum, Kristin DeVleming, Yuchen Liu and Xiaowei Wang)

- Effective morphisms and quotient stacks (with Andrea Di Lorenzo)

- Degenerations of twisted maps to algebraic stacks (with Andrea Di Lorenzo)

- Dimers and Beauville integrable systems (with Terrence George)

- The integral Chow rings of moduli of Weierstrass fibrations (with Samir Canning and Andrea Di Lorenzo) Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., To appear.

- Moduli of genus one curves with two marked points as a weighted blow-up Mathematische Zeitschrift, Volume 302 (2022), issue 3.

- Moduli of Q-Gorenstein pairs and applications (with Stefano Filipazzi) Journal of Algebraic Geometry, To appear.

- Wall crossing for moduli of stable log pairs (with Kenny Ascher, Dori Bejleri and Zsolt Patakfalvi) Annals of Mathematics, To appear.

- The cluster modular groups of the dimer model (with Terrence George) Ann. Inst. Henri Poincare D., To appear.

- Stable pairs with a twist and gluing morphisms for moduli of surfaces (with Dori Bejleri) Selecta Math (N.S.), Volume 27 (2021) no. 3.

- Moduli of Weierstrass fibrations with marked section Advances in Mathematics. Vol 375, 2 December 2020.

- Small contractions of 1-parameter families of elliptic surfaces (Appendix to "Moduli of weighted stable elliptic surfaces and invariance of log plurigenera" by Kenny Ascher and Dori Bejleri). Proc. Lond. Math. Soc., Volume 122 (2021), no. 5.

- The Picard group of the moduli of smooth complete intersections of two quadrics (with Shamil Asgarli). Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., Vol. 372, (2019) No. 5 p3319--3346.


The spring quarter I will teach the 120-students section of linear algebra, and a class on algebraic complex surfaces.

For the class on complex surfaces, I will partially follow Beauville's book, and Kollár - Mori. I am planning on presenting a modern approach on the classification of surfaces, using the MMP. If time permits, I will talk about moduli of surfaces of general type.

Before this quarter, but while at UW, I taught linear algebra (several times) and introduction to group theory (abstract algebra).

While at Brown I taught and TA-ed linear algebra, calculus 1, 2 and math 60 (Analytic geometry and calculus).