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Midterm Exam Details

Exam Rules and Advice

Exam 1: Thurs, Oct 19
Exam 2: Thurs, Nov 16
Location: in Quiz Section

Final Exam Details

Final Date: Sat, Dec 9
Final Time: 1:30-4:20pm
Final Location: PAA 118 & PAA 102

Review and Practice Sheets:

Exam 1 Materials (4.9,5.1-5.5,6.1-6.3):
List of Basic Antiderivatives
Riemann Sums Illustration
Riemann Sum Summary
Chapter 5 Review
5.5 Substitution
Basic integral practice - Solns
Hard Substitution Quiz - Solns
Choosing dx/dy Quiz - Solns
6.1-6.3 Review
Exam 1 Review
Exam 1 Rules and Checklist

Exam 2 Materials (6.4-6.5,7.1-7.5,7.7,7.8):
Brief 6.4 Review
6.4 Practice - Solns
6.4 Exam Practice - Solns
6.4 Challenge - Solns
7.1 Harder Practice
-- Solns first 7 problems
-- Solns to 5 crazy challenge problems
Summary of 7.2 Trig
Essential Identities for 7.3
30 old integrals - answers
11 practice integrals - solutions
12 more integrals - solutions
Integral Table
Full 7.1-7.5 Review
Flowchart of Integration Methods
7.7-7.8 Review
Exam 2 Rules and Overview
Exam 2 Review Lecture - Notes

Remaining Material (8.1,8.3,9.1,9.3,9.4):
Ch. 8 & Ch. 9 Review
Final review checklist

Differential equations supplemental materials:
These are materials I hand out in the first week of Math 207, but they likely will be helpful to you as well if you are struggling with applications...
Diff. Eq. Basic Applications Practice Sheet
Longer Discussion of Diff. Eq. Applications (this was written for 207 students so it goes beyond this course)
First Week Quiz from Math 207 (on applications/skills students need from Math 125) - Solns

Reference Materials:

Exponent Rules
Unit Circle and Trig Fact Sheet
Precalculus Review

Calculus 1 Review
Calculus 1 & 2 Fact Sheet

Other UW resources:

Math Study Center
CLUE Tutoring
Academic Advising
Student Counseling Center
Disability Resources for Students