Noncommutative geometry and algebra

My main interest is the non-commutative world in all its aspects: geometric, algebraic, topological, physical, et cetera.

Here are some homepages I like to visit. Some of these people are also interested in the non-commutative world:

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Lieven LeBruyn's blog

Conference Notes: Oberwolfach May 2006

Here are some articles that might be of interest:

Non-commutative geometry and topology from Connes's perspective.

My research efforts over the past decade concern non-commutative algebraic geometry. The field is emerging slowly, with several different perspectives. There is no good introduction to the subject yet, but the following may give some idea.
Blowing up non-commutative smooth surfaces by Michel Van den Bergh;
Noncommutative Geometry @n by Lieven LeBruyn
A course dvi, ps, pdf I taught in spring 1999. This version was posted on June 14, 2000.
Some lectures by Bodo Pareigis.
A book by Bodo Pareigis.
Intersection theory on non-commutative surfaces by Peter Jorgensen;
Non-commutative projective schemes dvi ps pdf. These lectures, given in 1994, are rather dated now. I report on work of Artin and Zhang setting out the basic properties of cohomology for non-commutative projective schemes. It cries out for some examples.

Some physics
A book: Physics in Noncommutative World: I Field Theories Ed by Miao Li and Yong-Shi Wu.
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