Course Materials for Math 480: Numerical Solution of Differential Equations

These materials are for Math 480, taught by Anne Greenbaum in the Spring term of 2007 at the University of Washington.

Syllabus: syllabus

Course Notes for Math 480

Assignments and handouts.

HW1: p. 20, problems 2(a,b,e,f,h,i), 3, and 4. (Due Fri., Mar. 30)

HW2: p. 23, problem 11(a,b); p. 142, problems 1, 3, and 4. (Due Fri., Apr. 6)

HW3: p. 142, problem 2; p. 240, problems 1 and 2. (Due Fri., Apr. 13)

HW3.5: If you didn't get the Matlab code to work for problem 2 on p. 240, try it again this week. (Turn in problem 2 on p. 240 (all parts) on Fri., Apr. 20)

HW4: homework_4 (Due Fri., Apr. 27)

Practice problems for MIDTERM: Wed., May 2. practice

Handout on Suggested Project Topics: projects
Handout on Project Writeups: project_writeup
Project proposal due Mon., May 7. Turn in a one or two page writeup about what you plan to do. Include any references that you plan to use. Let me know if you plan to work in a group and who the group members are.

HW5: p. 275, problems 3 and 4. (Due Wed., May 16)

HW6: p. 276, problems 5 and 6. (Due Fri., May 25)

Class will meet in B027 (Communications) on Fri., June 1, for start of project presentations. Written projects are due WED., JUNE 6 at 8:30 am (the time scheduled for our final), when we will have more presentations.

Sample MATLAB codes.

Diary file from MATLAB: diary .

Sample Matlab code for hw1: hw1.m .

Sample Matlab code for hw3: hw3.m .

Sample Matlab code for Poisson's equation on a square with Dirichlet boundary conditions: poisson.m .

Code to solve the heat equation using an explicit method. (Need dt/h^2 < 1/2 for stability.) heat1d.m

Code to solve the wave equation. (Need dt/h < sqrt(2) for stability.) wave.m