Silvia Ghinassi

University of Washington
Department of Mathematics


Seminar Talks

  • Hunter College Mathematics Colloquium, New York, NY (remote talk), February 2024
  • Augustana University Mathematics Colloquium, Sioux Falls, ND (remote talk), February 2024
  • University of Minnesota PDE Seminar, Minneapolis, MN, February 2023
  • Universitè Paris-Saclay Analysis Seminar, Orsay, France, September 2022
  • Western Washington University Math Colloquium, Bellingham, WA, April 2022
  • Reed College Math Colloquium, Portland, OR, March 2022
  • Montana State University Mathematics Seminar, Bozeman, March 2022
  • University of Washington Differential Geometry and PDE seminar (Zoom talk), March 2021
  • HA-GMT-PDE Seminar (Zoom talk), University of Minnesota/University of Missouri, March 2021
  • IAS Mathematical Conversations (Zoom talk), Princeton, NJ, October 2020
  • Princeton Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis Seminar (Zoom talk), Princeton, NJ, June 2020
  • University of Tennessee Analysis Seminar, Knoxville, TN, April 2020 (canceled because of COVID-19)
  • IAS Analysis Seminar, Princeton, NJ, March 2020 (recording available here)
  • CUNY Harmonic Analysis and PDE Seminar, New York, NY, November 2019
  • UCLA Analysis and PDE seminar, Los Angeles, CA, October 2019
  • Stanford University Geometry Seminar, Palo Alto, CA, October 2019
  • Università di Pisa Calculus of Variations seminar, Pisa, Italy, June 2019
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Analysis and PDE seminar, Worcester, MA, March 2019
  • University of Fribourg/University of Bern Geometric Analysis seminar, Fribourg, Switzerland, December 2018
  • MIT PDE/Analysis seminar, Boston, MA, November 2018
  • NYU Geometry and Geometric Analysis working seminar, New York, NY, October 2018
  • University of Washington Rainwater seminar, Seattle, WA, October 2018
  • Brown University Analysis seminar, Providence, RI, September 2018
  • University of Minnesota Analysis and PDE Working Seminar, Minneapolis, MN, September 2018
  • Geometric function and mapping theory seminar, IMPAN, Warsaw, Poland, May 2018
  • University of Connecticut Analysis seminar, Storrs, CT, April 2018
  • Stony Brook University Analysis seminar, Stony Brook, NY, May 2018

Conference Talks

  • 49th Annual Spring Lecture Series - Harmonic analysis, PDEs, and geometric measure theory, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AK, May 2024
  • One World Fractals (remote talk), December 2023
  • "IX Conferencia de Matemáticos Ecuatorianos en París", Instituto Henri Poincaré, Paris, France, November 2023
  • "19th Praire Analysis Seminar", contributed talk Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, November 2023
  • Invited paper session on "Geometric measure theory, harmonic analysis, and partial differential equations", MAA Mathfest 2023, Tampa, FL August 2023
  • Conference "Harmonic Analysis, PDEs, and Geometric Measure Theory", contributed talk, Bilbao, Spain, June 2023
  • Special Session on Geometric and Analytic methods in PDE, AMS Sectional Meeting, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, April 2023
  • Summer school "Three days between Analysis and Geometry in Trento", contributed talk, University of Trento, Trento, Italy, August 2022
  • Special Session on Geometric Measure Theory, 2022 Joint Mathematical Meeting (on Zoom, previously in Cincinnati), January 2022.
  • Special Session on Metric techniques in analysis, AMS Spring Eastern Sectional Meeting (on Zoom, previously at Brown University), April 2021.
  • Special Session on Nonsmooth Analysis and Geometry, AMS Spring Central Sectional Meeting (on Zoom, previously in Cincinnati), March 2021.
  • "Princeton-Tokyo Geometric Analysis Conference", Princeton University, NY, March 2020 (canceled because of COVID-19)
  • "Analysis, Dynamics, Geometry, and Probability", Chris Bishop's birthday conference, Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, Stony Brook, NY, March 2020 (recording available here)
  • School "Geometric Analysis on Riemannian and Singular Metric Measure Spaces", Lake Como School of Advanced Studies, Como, Italy, July 2019
  • Special Session on Regularity Theory of PDEs and Calculus of Variations on Domains with Rough Boundaries, AMS Sectional Meeting, University of Connecticut, Hartford, CT, April 2019
  • Geometric and Harmonic Analysis, a conference for graduate students, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, March 2019
  • Special Session on Topics at the Interface of Analysis and Geometry, AMS Sectional Meeting, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI, March 2019
  • Special Session on Modern Quasiconformal Analysis and Geometric Function Theory, AMS Sectional Meeting, University of Delaware, Newark, DE, September 2018
  • Conference "Geometric measure theory and its connections", contributed talk, Helsinki, Finland, June 2018
  • Special Session on Regularity of PDEs on Rough Domains, AMS Sectional Meeting, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, April 2018
  • Special Session on Analysis and Geometry in Non-smooth Spaces, AMS Sectional Meeting, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, April 2018

Math Outreach

  • Friends Lunch with a Member (Zoom talk), Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ, May 2020, (recording available here)
  • Junior Colloquium, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, April 2020 (canceled because of COVID-19)
  • Afterhours Conversations, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ, February 2020
  • Mathematics Continued Conference, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, November 2019
  • Undergraduate Women and Math Speaker Series, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, November 2019
  • Long Island Women Diversity Summit, SUNY Old Westbury, NY, March 2018

Manhattan, Kansas, November 2023
Photo: Zhuolin Li

Princeton, NJ, February 2020
Photo: Andrea Kane/Institute for Advanced Study

Helsinki, Finland, June 2018
Photo: Rami Luisto