Silvia Ghinassi

University of Washington
Department of Mathematics


My research is in geometric measure theory and its interplay with harmonic analysis and PDEs. I am a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of Washington, under the direction of Tatiana Toro. During the 2020/2021 academic year, I was also a visitor at the Institute for Advanced Study.
I was a member at IAS during the 2019/2020 academic year, working with Camillo De Lellis. My advisor is Raanan Schul, and I obtained my PhD in May 2019 at Stony Brook University.

  • Email: ghinassi[at];
  • Office: Padelford C-444

Together with Jennifer Duncan (she/her), Emily Quesada-Herrera (she/her/ella), and Zoe Nieraeth (she/her), I am currently organizing QuMa: "Queer and Trans in Mathematical Analysis", a hybrid workshop taking place in Bilbao, June 12th-14th 2024. Registration and applications for contributed talks open now!

In my CV you can find most things you want to know about me. However, if you want to know a little more I recommend starting from these (or from the tabs above):

I acknowledge that I am on the traditional land of the first people of Seattle, the Duwamish People past and present and honor with gratitude the land itself and the Duwamish Tribe.

I strongly believe in the axioms by Federico Ardila:
  • Axiom 1. Mathematical talent is distributed equally among different groups, irrespective of geographic, demographic, and economic boundaries.
  • Axiom 2. Everyone can have joyful, meaningful, and empowering mathematical experiences.
  • Axiom 3. Mathematics is a powerful, malleable tool that can be shaped and used differently by various communities to serve their needs.
  • Axiom 4. Every student deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
I acknowledge the role that mathematics plays in sustaining injustice, and the potential it has for creating a freer world built on mutual care and collaboration.

I stand in solidarity with activists and organizers across the country and around the world who are mobilizing against state-sanctioned violence and systemic racism.