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Travel by air

Seattle is seviced by the Sea-Tac (Seattle-Tacoma) airport. All major domestic airlines fly here, and several international airlines do so as well. The airport is about 30 minutes away from the university district.

Transportation from the airport:

Central Link Light Rail:
The light rail system from SeaTac airport to Westlake Center in downtown Seattle is now up and running, and will go to the University starting in March 2016. It is a convenient link to downtown and to the University. Alternatively, to get from downtown to the University you can take any bus whose number is in the 70's.
By rental car:
From the airport, follow the "Freeways" signs to State Route 518 east; you will soon start seeing signs for Interstate 5. Get on I-5 north (toward Seattle). Drive through downtown Seattle (about 15 miles), and across the Ship Canal. Exit at NE 45th Street, and follow the instructions for `Arriving by car' below. Driving time is about 30 minutes if traffic isn't bad.
By taxi:
Look for signs directing travelers to cab waiting area in the parking structure. The fare is about $40-$50 to the University District. Driving time is 30-45 minutes, depending on the traffic and number of passengers to be dropped off.
By shuttle van:
The Super Shuttle (same as Shuttle Express) waiting area is on the 3-rd floor of the main parking sturcture. Phone: 425-981-7000 or 800-487-7433. The fare to the University District is $21 ($28 for two people). Driving time is 30-45 minutes, depending on the traffic and number of passengers to be dropped off.

Arriving by car

Take Interstate 5, but do not get on the express lanes. Exit at NE 45th Street, about 4 miles north of downtown Seattle and just north of the Ship Canal bridge. Turn east on NE 45th; you'll soon cross Roosevelt Way (which would be 10th Avenue if it had a number), 12th Ave, Brooklyn Ave (13th), and University Way (14th). After you cross 15th Ave, the university will be on your right.

More extensive directions and driving instructions for regional driving to the UW can be found HERE.

Parking information

If you stay in one of the hotels recommended by the organizers, it is best to leave your car at the hotel parking and walk to the campus. The walk will take no more than 15 minutes but there are some hills on the way.

There are automobile entrances to campus on the north side (NE 45th Street at 17th Ave), west side (15th Ave NE at 40th Street), and east side (25th Ave NE just south of the 45th Street viaduct). On weekdays and Saturday mornings, the kiosks at all campus entrances will be open, and you can get an all-day visitor parking permit, and a free campus map. On Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings, the kiosks are closed and parking is free.

The Padelford Hall parking garage (lots N16, N18, N20, and N22) and the Central Plaza Garage, which you enter from 15th Avenue across from 41st Street are the closest large parking lots to the where the conference will take place.

There is more detailed parking information supplied by the University of Washington.