Math 300A, Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning, Autumn 2017

Basic Course Information

  • Class: MWF 11:30 SIG 227
  • Lecturer: Prof. Judith M. Arms,, PDL C-338.
  • Office hours After class at the classroom;
    MTuWF 2:30-3:30, M 4-5:30, and by appointment in my office PDL C-338.
  • Syllabus (with correction, see announcement below).
  • Key dates:
    • Homework due on Wenesdays starting 10/4
    • First Quiz Friday, Oct. 20, Corrected Information about quiz
      Solution for sample problem 1 posted at Canvas; working on second one, will post ASAP
    • Midterm in class on Friday 11/3
    • Second Quiz (after midterm, date TBA)
    • Final Wednesday, 12/13, 2:30-4:20. This date and time are assigned by UW and cannot be changed.

Course Resources

Other Resources