Judith M. Arms

Associate Professor of Mathematics, arms@math.washington.edu
C-338 Padelford Hall, (206)543-9458

Department of Mathematics, (206)543-1150
Box 354350
University of Washington
Seattle WA 98195-4350 USA

Winter-Spring 2021

Math 545-546, Smooth Manifolds, Winter-Spring, 2021. I got caught in the past and ended the webpage address "20" instead of "21" when I created and first publicized it, apologies.

Autumn 2019

Math 441, Topology. If you are enrolled in the course, go to Canvas.

Math 480, Mathematical Theory of Knots. Course information is all on Canvas.

Autumn 2017 through Autumn 2018

Math 441, Topology, Autumn, 2018.

Some references for SIMUW special lecture on geometry in curved spaces. Includes information on crocheted and other models of the hyperbolic plane.

Math 480, Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems.

Math 545/6, Smooth Manifolds, Winter-Spring, 2018.

Math 544, Topology of Manifolds, Autumn, 2017.

Math 300A, Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning, Autumn 2017.


Math 300A, Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning, Spring 2017.

Math 309A, Linear Analysis, Autumn 2016.

Math 547, Geometric Structures: Riemannian Manifolds, Autumn 2016.

Remarks on some earlier courses

Math 170 - Math for Elementary School Teachers.
Math 170 has been replaced by EDC&I 478 SPC TPCS MATH TCHRS in the College of Education.
Please contact the College of Education for further information about this course.

Math 421-422: These courses are no longer offered.

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