Gallery of Graphical Designs

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Antilog Graph
First Blanusa Snark
Second Blanusa Snark
Brouwer-Haemers Graph
First Celmins-Swart Snark
Second Celmins-Swart Snark
Cube Vertex-Transitive 66 Graph
Double Star Snark
Flower Snark J5
Flower Snark J7
Frucht Graph
Gosset Graph
Hoffman-Singleton Graph
First Loupekines Snark
Second Loupekines Snark
Petersen Graph
Robertson-Wegner Graph
Starfish Graph
Suetake Graph
Szekeres Snark
Tutte 8-Cage
Van Lint-Schrijver Graph
Watkins Snark
Zara Graph
7-Dimensional Cube Graph