Graduate Algebra (Math 504, 505, 506) : 2013-2014

The winter final will be an oral exam during exam week, March 10-14. 2013

Office Hours: Thursday 2:30--3:25 and/or by appointment, or just stop by when it suits you. I am usually here and available. My office is Padelford C-436. I am happy to answer email questions too, but I do not check my email late at night.

Grader: The grader for this course is Lorenzo Prelli. His office is PDL C-543. His office hours are 2:30-3:30 on Fridays. You can send him email at Please ask him if you have any questions about the grading.

Textbooks: "Basic Algebra" and "Advanced Algebra" by A.W. Knapp.

Grades. Your grade will be based on the homework, and the final. I will assign some homework each week, perhaps eight assignments total. Your seven best homework scores will contribute 30%, and the final will contribute 70%. In each homework set only three or four problems will be graded; each is worth 3 points. Except in extraordinary circumstances, late homework will not be accepted. If you miss the homework deadline, that homework will be one of those which does not contribute to your best seven. I cannot overemphasize the importance of doing the homework promptly and regularly. It is the only way to learn mathematics.

  • Course notes: I periodically write up some notes for this course. They are far less comprehensive than the textbook but perhaps their brevity is a virtue. Anyway, take a look and use them if they seem helpful to you. I would be glad to hear of any errors or omissions that come to your attention, and also suggestions for improvement.

  • 504 Homework: Fall 2013. Solutions: HW1 , HW2 , HW3 , HW4 , HW5 , HW6 ,

  • 505 Homework: Winter 2014. Solutions: HW1 , HW2 , HW3 , HW4 , HW5 , HW6 ,
    Past Homework

    Week 1: Rotman 2.1, 2.3, 2.8, 2.17 and Etingof 1.20-1.25. Some solutions

    Week 2: Some solutions

    Week 3: Some solutions for Fall 2012 More solutions

    Week 4: Some solutions for Fall 2012 More solutions

    Week 5: Solutions

    Week 6: Solutions

    Week 7: Solutions

    Week 8: Solutions

    Week 9: Solutions

    Week 10: page --- and page ---

  • An old 504 Final Exam and answers.