Math 112A - Calculus for Business and Economics - Spring 2020


10:30 - 11:20
On-line using Zoom (see below)


Patrick T. Perkins
Padelford Hall C-544
Phone: 206-543-7746
pperkins 'at'


Please Note

Math 112 will be on-line only this quarter. I will use Zoom to hold lectures. I will also record the lectures and post them on-line, so you can watch them if you miss the live lecture. I will email you soon with information about how to access the Zoom lectures. The quiz sections will also be held using Zoom. Your TA will contact you with information about this. Office hours will also use Zoom.

Homework will be done with WebAssign as usual. The exams will also be done using WebAssign. I'll have more information about this later. I have made the exams worth less this quarter, and the homework worth more.

The Course

This course is a brief, practical introduction to the ideas of calculus. It focuses on their application to Business and Economics. We will make extensive use of graphical methods and you will need a good plastic ruler to do many of the homework problems. We will cover rates of change, tangents, derivatives, accumulation and area. Integrals will be covered in specific contexts, particularly economics. We will learn some basic techniques of differentiation and integration. The focus is on applications to problem solving.


Your grade is determined by how you do relative to the class as a whole. Grades will be based on total points earned. There are 270 possible points:

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Mathematical Applications for the Management, Life, and Social Sciences by Harshbarger and Reynolds (The Twelfth Edition).

If you purchased Webassign and the text for Math 111, you do not need to purchase anything new for this quarter.

You may purchase a custom, loose-leaf edition of the text, listed as Applied Mathematics for Business, at the University Book Store. A new copy of the text comes bundled with an access code for Webassign.

Whether you use the hard copy or electronic copy of the text, all students must have a Webassign access code. Webassign offers a two-week grace period during which you may access your homework without entering an access code.


will be assigned daily, see the WebAssign site for the problems due. You are responsible for all the problems assigned (ie: any of it could appear on the exams).


are an important part of this class. Please download this PDF and print your copy for the quiz sections.

Worksheet 1 will be on the first quiz section, next Tuesday. The others will be scheduled in the syllabus.

You'll need a clear plastic ruler to do many of the worksheets.

Quizzes and Exams

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Rules for taking exams

Religious Accomodation

Washington state law requires that UW develop a policy for accommodation of student absences or significant hardship due to reasons of faith or conscience, or for organized religious activities. The UW's policy, including more information about how to request an accommodation, is available at Religious Accommodations Policy. Accommodations must be requested within the first two weeks of this course using the Religious Accommodations Request form.

Quiz section

On Tuesdays and Thursdays you will meet with a Teaching Assistant in a smaller group. This gives you a chance to get more of your questions answered. In addition to getting help with your homework, there will be time for a worksheet that you can work on while the TA circulates and answers questions. The midterm exams will be held in Quiz Section.

The TAs are:

AA & AB Matthew Farkas   mfarkas 'at'
AC & AD Nico Courts PDL C-404 ncourts 'at'


You will need a scientific calculator, or scientific calculator app. Graphing calculators and other calculators that can do calculus are not allowed

You should show all work not doable on a scientific calculator. For instance, when you solve a quadratic equation, steps must be shown even if your graphing calculator can produce the solutions. Reading a numerical solution from a graph on a calculator is never sufficient.

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