Jonah Ostroff

Office: Padelford C-328
Office hours (winter 2020): M 1–3, T 1–3, Θ 10 AM–12 PM
Email: ostroff [ampersat] uw [full stop] edu

I'm pretty into puzzles, both writing and solving. Some things I've made:

Hunt puzzles

These are from puzzle events where you aren't given explicit instructions on how each puzzle works. Instead, you have to figure out what you're supposed to do. Each puzzle's answer is a single word or a short phrase, and you should know when you've solved it. For a short introduction, see here.

Microsoft Puzzlehunt

The Microsoft Puzzlehunt is a weekend-long puzzle hunt for 12-person teams, usually consisting of about 75-100 puzzles.

My puzzles from the Hedwig and the Angry Inch round of Puzzlehunt 20 (May 2019):
Exquisite Corpse, a mashup of six loop logic puzzles
The Origin of Love, a short word puzzle
Tear Me Down, a nurikabe/hashi combo
Wicked Little Town, a bunch of song parodies
Wig in a Box, a crossword variant
Angry Inch, the meta puzzle

My puzzles from the Iron Chef round of Puzzlehunt 19 (May 2018):
Battle: Donuts, a puzzle about drawing a map
Battle: Gnocchi, a Puzzlescript game about eating gnocchi
Battle: Man, an alien linguistics puzzle
Battle: Tapas, a grid-based logic puzzle
Battle: Tofu, a mysterious crossword-y thing

Puzzled Pint

Puzzled Pint is a casual puzzle event held at bars in 40-ish cities on the second Tuesday of every month.

• I wrote the May 2016 Puzzled Pint set, Parks and Recreation.


DASH (Different Area, Same Hunt) is an annual walkaround puzzle hunt held simultaneously in a few dozen cities.

• DASH 10: "Water Works". You'll also need one of ten coins handed out earlier in the hunt.
• DASH 9: "Explore the Chamber" and "What Did We Miss?". These are harder to reproduce at home, but you can find instructions and files here. Also, here are two YouTube videos walking through the puzzles.

The Secret Multivariable Puzzle Challenge

In spring 2016, I hid a series of five puzzles throughout my Math 126 course materials, which students solved for extra credit.

Puzzle 1: The Traces
Puzzle 2: The Vectors
Puzzle 3: The Sudoku
Puzzle 4: The Regions
Puzzle 5: The End

Logic puzzles

These puzzles come with explicit instructions, and there (usually) isn't a final answer at the end.

The Fanotastic Loop Collection, written for a secret santa event, is a set of seven interconnected logic puzzles. It's almost certainly the most challenging thing I've made.
Ænigmatic Addendum #8 is a logic puzzle written for Pavel Curtis's Adalogical Ænigma series.

One tradition at MathILy-Er is that, on the train/plane ride to the program, I write an alliterative logic puzzle. It's usually themed around a problem from that year's entrance exam.
• From 2015: A Serpentine Stumper
• From 2016: Logical Loopy Lollops
• From 2017: Deductive Ducks
• From 2018: A Shroomy Stumper

Puzzle games

I've made a bunch of Puzzlescript games over the years, some of which I'm willing to share here!

• Heroes of Sokoban is a three-part series of block-pushing games. It's probably my most well-known puzzle.
Weird Bug is a game about editing Puzzlescript.
Count Mover was written for a friend who was complaining about move counters.