Northwest Mathematics Interaction

About NWMI

NWMI is collaboration of Washington secondary and college math teachers sponsored by the University of Washington Department of Mathematics and affiliated with the IAS/Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI). NWMI was founded in 1994 as an outreach program of Washington-state PCMI alumni.

From 1995 to 2013, NWMI offered courses for secondary math teachers during the weeklong NWMI Summer Mathematics Program on the UW campus. During the academic year NWMI also organizes two all-day Saturday workshop at various locations.

For some years NWMI participated as part of PD3, the PCMI Math Science Partnership project with Seattle Public Schools, funded by the National Science Foundation and has partnered with Washington state Math Science Partnership projects . In earlier years, NWMI was funded by an Eisenhower Professional Development Grant from theWashington Superintendent for Public Instruction and in later years partnered with a number of state math initiatives.



NWMI programs emphasize geometry and hands-on approaches to learning mathematics, but they include topics of interest to all math teachers, not just geometry teachers.

NWMI Summer Institute

From 1995 to 2013 this high-energy week of geometry immersion introduced participants to a broad spectrum of approaches to teaching geometry in its many guises. Teachers develop confidence with straws, origami, mirrors and spheres and use them in their classes. And NWMI is not just activities; it includes the math and motivation behind the activities. Participants work hard and have a great time. Since this is an immersion program, everyone is encouraged to stay on campus.

Workshops in the Academic Year

NWMI offers some free Saturday workshops during the academic year. These workshops provide a great introduction to NWMI but are also of interest to NWMI alumni.

Inservice Workshops and other Courses

NWMI offers occasional inservice workshops and courses through special arrangements with schools or districts. Contact NWMI if you are interested in arranging such a course or workshop.

Contact Information

US Mail:
Department of Mathematics
Box 354350
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-4350

or king@math.washington.edu
(206) 543-1150 (Math Dept) or (206) 543-1915 (Jim King)
(206) 543-0397

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