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Joyce Frost

Joyce has retired from teaching mathematics at Lake Washington High School, which is located in Kirkland, WA. An avid Escher fan, she attended the 1998 M. C. Escher Congress in Rome, Italy and has been corresponding with participants since including M. C. Escher's son, George. An interest in what Escher would have created if he were still alive has resulted in a fascination for 3-D space packing puzzles, from creating present models to designing and discovering new ones. Joyce has taught NWMI Minicourses, NWMI Workshops and presented at Northwest Mathematics Conferences. She was a participant in the 2001-3 Park City Mathematics Institutes and on the staff at PCMI 2004-7. Joyce has taught a minicourses on 3D puzzles and middle school manipulatives. Joyce is president of Puget Sound Council of Teachers of Math. She is a member of the organizing committee for the 2007 and 2013 Northwest Mathematics Conferences.

(425) 823-5395, frostjoycee@gmail.com

Carol Hattan

Carol teaches mathematics at Skyview High School in Vancouver School District # 37. Her wide knowledge of curriculum materials was a factor when she was selected to be a member of the cadre that developed and implemented the Science, Mathematics, and Technology Magnet program at Skyview. She was instrumental in selecting the technology and textbooks for the math courses. Carol attended NWMI as a participant in 1995 and returned to teach in 1998 to the present. She was a participant in the 1999-2000 Park City Math Institutes and the coordinator at the 2001 - 2013 PCMI. She serves on the PCMI Steering Committee. Carol has served on two state committees, Portfolio Assessment and Project 99 (WASL training). She brings her expertise and experience from her committee work to every teaching situation. Carol was one of the instructors in the 2002 Data NWMI minicourse. She has mentored the Data working group at PCMI for a decade.

Brian Hopkins

Brian Hopkins is a Professor at Saint Peter’s College in Jersey City and is the 2011 recipient of the Distinguished Teaching of Mathematics award by the New Jersey Section of the Mathematical Association of America, one of 26 such national awards for that year. Brian is also the editor of the College Mathematics Journal of the MAA. He has worked with both PCMI and the New Jersey Professional Development and Outreach group for over ten years, and has run a weeklong residential teacher program on the Jersey shore for five years. Brian was the editor of the 2009 Resources for Teaching Discrete Mathematics, won the 2005 Pólya Award for excellence in expository writing with "The Truth about Königsberg," teaches game theory to politics masters students at New York University, and sings in choirs.

(201) 761-6351, bhopkins@spc.edu

James King

Jim is a member of the Mathematics Department of the University of Washington. He has been teaching with dynamic geometry software such as Cabri and Geometer's Sketchpad since they first appeared. He has worked with teachers at many workshops and courses and also at the Park City Mathematics Institute from 1991 through the present. In recent years Jim was active in the PD3 project of PCMI in Seattle and also two state Math Science Partnerships: Washington Math Case Study Project and MC3, which have some of their workshops at NWMI.He has produced two books about dynamic geometry, he is author of Geometry Through the Circle with The Geometer's Sketchpad and is co-editor of Geometry Turned On. Jim has taught NWMI minicourses on Spherical Geometry, Transformational Geometry and The Geometer's Sketchpad.

206-543-1915, king@math.washington.edu

Art Mabbott

Art has been an active organizer and presenter at NWMI since its inception in 1995. He was for many years in Bellevue, both in high school and middle school, then for many years worked for Seattle Public Schools as a curriculum consultant and coach for middle schools and high schools. He retired in 2012 but remains active as a TI instructor and in many other ways. He attended Park City Mathematics Institute 1993-1994 and then returned as an instructor and member of the PCMI staff, 1995-2011. Art has been a presenter at the Northwest Math conferences and the NCTM national meetings from 1997 to the present. Art will has taught several Geometer's Sketchpad minicourses and was an organizer of the NWMI Middle Grades program in 2004. More recently Art was active in the PD3 project of PCMI in Seattle and also two state Math Science Partnerships: Washington Math Case Study Project and MC3 each of which have had workshops at NWMI. He is a member of the organizing committees for the 2007 and 2013 Northwest Mathematics Conferences.

425-883-6087, art@mabbott.org

Philip Mallinson

Philip teaches at Phillips Exeter Academy, he has been an active organizer and presenter at NWMI since its inception. He has been an active leader of workshops and minicourses for many years, with the Woodrow Wilson TORCH workshops, with the Park City Mathematics Institute, and with the Exeter Mathematics Conference. He has also been a reader for the Advanced Placement Statistics exam. Philip has presented in the Summer Geometry NWMI Institute and taught NWMI courses each year.

603-772-6101, pmallinson@exeter.edu

George Thornton

George teaches math and social studies at Oroville High School. He has attended the NWMI Summer Geometry Institute and minicourses and has also presented classroom projects of his design at several Alumni Reunions. At NWMI 2002 - 2006, George took on many of the less visible but absolutely vital administrative jobs that make the program go in addition to presenting in the Summer Geometry Institute. George was presented with a Golden Apple Award in 2012.

509-556-2343, thorntong@chopaka.wednet.edu

Joe Frost

Joe Frost is a staff member of UW's Computing and Communications department. He has coached Elementary and High School math teams since 1994. He met Joyce in a UW Math class in 1979, and has been doing math with her ever since. Joe has been a great source of support for NWMI for many years.

(425) 823-5395

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