NWMI FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Program Questions

Which Program should I sign up for, the Summer Geometry Institute, the Rich Math Tasks, or the Short Courses? What about Math Cases?

Of course the answer to this is "it depends on your interests ", but here are some points to think about.

The Summer Geometry Institute is the longest-running NWMI Program. If you with to expand your knowledge of geometry or if you wish to experience hands-on geometry activities that you can take to your classroom as well as learning some Geometer's Sketchpad, this is the course for you.

The two-day courses delve more deeply into a special math topic. Each of them develops serious math ideas in an engaging way that engages the teacher participants but also provides ideas for classroom lessons that will help build the Math Practices that are important today.

If you take one of the weeklong courses or both short courses, you will have time to really enjoy math and the company of math people in a campus environment that encourages talk and sharing. In particular, the After Dinner Math helps create this atmosphere. All teachers are NWMI are encouraged to come.

What are the prerequisites? Which programs are more advanced?

In addition to this general description, it is very important (and your responsibility) to read the course descriptions and time schedules to make sure you know what you are signing up for!

The overall background prerequisites for the SGI and the typical course are modest, so long as participants enjoy thinking about math and do not feel anxiety if they are occasionally stretched a bit.

Since a typical NWMI investigation presents ideas about math and also about pedagogy, there are many ways and many levels on which to enjoy and appreciate an NWMI activity, so participants are rarely bored. Many NWMI participants teach in middle schools and many teach in high school, but there have been a number of enthusiastic NWMI participants who teach elementary students.

Money Questions (and clock hours and credit)

What does the program cost?

For Washington teacher on-time registration by June 25, The Summer Geometry Institute has a registration fee of $175. For the two-day courses. registration is $75 for one course or $150 for two. After June 25, the fees by up $35 for any registration.

But for this you get great math, plus a card for lunch each day.

Lodging on campus is available in packages at a higher rate. See the Costs Page for these rates.

Are there additional costs I should know about?

What is the cost of clock hours and credit? When do I sign up? How do I pay?

Lodging and Meeting Rooms

What is the lodging like?

The rooms are single rooms in what we think is the UW's nicest and quietest dorm, Hansee Hall. Bathrooms are down the hall. Sessions are in the same building.

Where do I register?

The registration desk for Hansee Hall is next door in McCarty Hall. There will be NWMI signs posted with directions when you arrive.

Where do the classes meet?

All the programs will meet in rooms in Hansee Hall. All programs will gather for the first time in Hansee in the Austin Lounge. Follow the signs.