Northwest Mathematics Interaction

Fees and Costs for Summer program

Because of various funding sources, the fees for NWMI vary among three groups of teachers.

Fees and costs are spelled out below.
Clock hours or UW credit are available for an additional charge
(details at this link).

*Alumni attending the free Alumni Reunion Workshop who are also enrolled in a course meeting Monday can additionally request Sunday night lodging.

Fees Schedule

Registration fees for teachers are given below, but housing is not included except for an additional fee as shown in the table. NWMI will include housing and registration in a single invoice for the amount shown in the table below. Housing for additional nights in a single room in a campus dorm can possibly be arranged.*

Breakfast and lunch is included whether or not lodging is requested.

Cancelation fees** will be assessed for any cancelation after June 25 (to recover costs of cancelation).



Until June 25


After June 25

Lodging Option*
Summer Geometry Institute $175 $205 No lodging
Summer Geometry Institute $425 $460 Five nights (Su, M, Tu, W, Th nights)
One Two-day Program $75 $110 No lodging
One Two-day Program $135 $170 One night (Monday or Wednesday)*
Both Two-day Programs $150 $185 No lodging
Both Two-day Programs $335 $370 Three nights (Monday Tuesday, Wednesday)*

*For extra night, add $75. For lodging questions, contact nwmi@math.washington.edu.

** Cancelation fee will be $25 for any non-housing registration and $100 for any housing option.

Link to Printable Registration Fee Form

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