Northwest Mathematics Interaction

NWMI Middle Grades Program

for middle school and upper elementary teachers

August 9-12, 2004

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Middle Grades Program

Connecting manipulatives and math exploration to math content,
with a focus on CMP and TERC Investigations

Who will benefit from this program?

This program should benefit all middle school teachers and teachers in the upper elementary grades, especially teachers using math materials such as CMP and TERC Investigations.

What is the Plan for the Four-Day Program?

We will show you how to enhance and extend your curriculum with activities from such topics as these: concepts of number theory and systems, estimation, pattern and function, algebra, geometry, probability, and measurement. We'll have fun with dozens of hands on activities that connect to the Connected Math Project Curriculum, and include time for you to decide how best to incorporate them into your curriculum.

Who will be the instructors?

The program will lead off with activities led by Michael Naylor of Western Washington Univsersity and Joyce Frost of Lake Washington High School. Mike and Joyce have received sensational response from their middle school minicourses at NWMI 2002 and 2003.

Teaching later in the week along with Joyce, and working on overall course planning, will be Art Mabbott of Seattle Public Schools and Lani Horn of the UW College of Education. Additional instructors may participate as well.

Together these outstanding instructors will insure four days full of fascinating mathematics with time to think and plan about the teaching of this mathematics using CMP or Investigations.

Sponsorship and Special Relationship with Seattle Public Schools

This new program is brought to you by NWMI in partnership wtih the PD3 program of the IAS/Park City Mathematics Institute. PD3 is a partnerhisp between PCMI and the Seattle Public Schoos, so teachers in Seattle Public Schools have a priority in admission and also additional support -- specifically, free registration plus a stipend.


The course will be taught on the University of Washington campus in Seattle, in Hansee Hall. This Middle Grades Program is offered during the week of other programs of the NWMI Summer Geometry Institute.


 9:00-4:00 with one hour for lunch. Monday, August 9, to Thursday, August 12, 2004.


CREDITS AND CLOCK HOURS [Link to Credit and Clock Hour Table]

Applications for credit or clock hours will be made on site when you arrive. Seattle teachers will have registration paid by the Park City Grant and support for credit or clock hours.

For teachers not in Seattle Public Schools, these are the costs for credit or clock hours; be sure to bring your checkbook for clock hours.

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