Montlake Math Challenge

Welcome to the Montlake Math Challenge! The Montlake Math Challenge is an after school program for 4th and 5th grade students who love math and would like to extend their knowledge and understanding beyond the standard school curriculum. The goal of the program is to present math as a fun and challenging activity. The focus will be hands-on exploration, discovery, discussions, and games based on mathematical ideas. Yet, the class is a serious endeavor. Students will be expected to have their brains working, keep their attention on the problem at hand, and put some effort into homework. The program is neither a free extended day service, nor it is intended to help with the regular school math homework. We ask that only motivated students ready for an extra challenge join.

Meeting Times: Tuesdays, 2:50-4:00
Location: Room 9 (Mr. Schultz' classroom)
First Day of Class: Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Instructors: Mikaela Hertel, Alexa Rust
Contact Information: mrh29 [at] uw [dot] edu or aerust [at] uw [dot] edu

If you would like to enroll your child in Montlake Math Challenge, return the registration form to the office.

Math is Cool Competition:

This year we will be preparing for and attending the Math is Cool Competition on April 17th, 2015 . This will be optional but highly encouraged for MMC students. The competition is fun, and last year one of our students placed! More information on the competition can be found here:


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Class Rules and Expectations:

Montlake Math Challenge has the following code of conduct: If a student seriously violates these rules, we will email their parents. One the third email, we will ask the student to leave the class permanently. Hopefully this does not happen!

Every week, we will send home 1 homework problem and 1 challenge problem, which will also be posted on this page under the Announcements section. Please help your student with the problems, but let them do the work. If any questions arise about the problems over the week, feel free to email us about them. We expect the 1 homework problem to be done for the next class, though the challenge problem will be optional.

About instructors:

Mikaela Hertel

Mikaela graduated from the University of Washington in August '13 with a degree in Mathematics, focusing on education. She has been a math tutor since junior high and would like to be a high school math teacher someday. She is delighted to be able to participate for a second year in Montlake Math Challenge and enthusiastic about showing students how beautiful math can be.

Mikaela can be reached at: mrh29 [at] uw [dot] edu
Alexa Rust

Alexa is a senior at the University of Washington majoring in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Philosophy. This will be Alexa's third year as an instructor for MMC. Currently she is the president of the Math Club at the University of Washington and was the vice president for the past two years. Alexa is excited to share her love of math and is very happy to be returning to the Montlake Math Challenge this year.

Alexa can be reached at: aerust [at] uw [dot] edu