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7th Grade 2010-2011 (Archive)

Homework is assigned at the end of every meeting. Usually, there is no time set aside during the Math Circle meetings to work on this homework. Instead, it's expected that each student work at home by himself or herself on the problems.

Each assignment consists of more challenging problems, expanding on what was covered in our meeting. It is not unexpected for a student to spend a couple hours on the content and still not fully complete the homework.

Of course, do not be discouraged if you cannot solve a problem! In fact, we expect everyone to keep a record of their work, including the approaches that turned out not to work. This will be invaluable in really understanding why a specific approach may or may not work.

The first half of the each meeting is spent going over the homework assigned at the end of the last meeting. During this time, students have the opportunity to discuss their solutions in a one-on-one environment with the volunteers.

Winter Quarter

Date Homework Assigned
January 9 Homework 1 - Geometry and Triangle Inequality
January 16 Homework 2 - More Geometry
Due on January 30 (two weeks)
January 30 Homework 3 - Modular Arithmetic
Due on February 27 (three weeks)
February 20 Homework on Games
Due on February 27 (three weeks)
February 27 Homework 4 - More Modular Arithmetic and Games
Due on March 6
March 20 Homework 5
Due on March 27
April 4 Homework 6
Due on April 10
April 24 Homework 7
Due on May 1
May 22 Homework 8
Choose from among these two worksheets any six problems to present to the
volunteers on Sunday. It's your choice -- do the ones which are fun to you!
Due on May 29

Fall Quarter

Date Homework Assigned
September 26 Homework 1 - Logic and Parity
Updated to include the Lady and the Tiger problem
October 3 Homework 2 - Parity and Divisibility
October 10 Homework 3 - Pigeonhole Principle
October 17 Homework 4 - More Divisibility
October 24 Homework 5 - Pigeonhole and Graphs
October 31 two new questions! - Homework 5 - Pigeonhole and Graphs
November 7 Homework 6 - Graphs
November 14 Homework 7 - More on Graphs
November 21 Homework 8 - Induction
November 28 Homework 9 - More Induction
December 5